Your Product Strategy Reimagined

Shake up your product strategy so it strengthens your value proposition

Take the first step to become remarkable (again)  

Get some fresh ideas

Do you struggle with your product strategy?

Does your roadmap look like a backlog to maintain status quo?
Do you experience poor revenue growth from your most recent SaaS products?
Do you experience diminishing levels of differentiation?
You're not alone - and here's where I can be your guide.

The plan to transform:

Based on my +25 year product marketing/management experience in the business software industry I have a developed an approach that will sharpen your product strategy.

It all starts with a workshop where we’ll deliberately step ‘away’ from technology and zoom in on three fundamental aspects:

  1. What defines you? i.e. the true purpose of your ISV business
  2. What’s going on? i.e. the key trends that will have impact
  3. The challenges ahead and what roadblocks need be removed to drive success

From there, we have all the ingredients to uncover new fresh ideas to inspire the future of your ISV business and create a remarkable impact in your market.

product strategy

The outcomes

A Clear Product Vision

Aligning value proposition with product strategy to create leverage.

3 high potential opportunities

The top 3 initiatives to change the course of the business.

A clear plan for success

The next steps to grow momentum and create short-term results.

Take the first step to become remarkable (again)  

Get some fresh ideas