#31 - Product strategy: The value we can unlock when we combine mixed reality, AI and Blockchain

An interview about with Toby Allen, founder of Jobs in XR

product strategyMy guest on the podcast is Toby Allen, founder of Jobs in XR. He’s a hololens producer at Microsoft, the founder, and CEO of TACON, a technology management consultancy and the founder of Jobs in XR, the first and only jobs portal for all digital realities.

I got in touch with Toby via a comment on one of my earlier podcasts with Dr. Terence Tse. Being an innovative product expert that brings ideas to life using Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality – he teased us with the potential of bringing Hololens and AI together to deliver remarkable impact

That triggered me, hence I invited Toby to my podcast. We explore the benefits of an increasing hands-free world, how the combination of new technology platforms such as block-chain, AI and augmented reality have the potential of transforming complete industries, and how we should use that opportunity to think big to create new solutions that are both fun to use, and remarkable in their impact.

Here are some of Toby’s quotes:

“There are three key things I’m fundamentally excited by. First of all is mixed reality.

I think the ability to visualize your worlds in a hands-free capacity, augment it with holograms, and information and view that information in a new way is absolutely incredible. To get that, there’s a real drive to understand AI and the power of information that you can have.

There’s also just blockchain is a very nice interesting way of creating a trust and an authenticity in the data.

Those three are the perfect combination. There’s going to be a very interesting shift in the industry and in professional business as to how those three key technologies are going to integrate within businesses

That could lead to results that we’ve never seen before.”

During this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. Why the current generation of solutions is still distracting us too way much – and how by avoiding this distraction we could literally save lives
  2. How blending new technologies can help us in much smarter ways to actually avoid errors, problems, and waste
  3. What opportunity we can create if we start using technology to change behaviors and impact by augmenting people in contextually relevant ways.


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