#110 - Solving the challenge of meaningful communication through chatbots – and the impact that has.

An interview with Rebecca Clyde, Co-founder and CEO of Botco.ai

Product InnovationThis podcast interview focuses on product innovation that transforms the way businesses can leverage messaging to make communication with customers more meaningful. My guest is Rebecca Clyde, Co-founder and CEO of Botco.ai

Rebecca is an entrepreneur pioneering AI-driven chatbot technology. She’s recognized as “35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Younger” by the Arizona Republic and named Most Admired Leader by the Phoenix Business Journal in 2018.

Most of her career she’s been in marketing where she drove business growth through creative and innovative communication strategies. Her skills lie in recognizing market trends, multi-cultural nuances and uncovering customer needs. This sparked the idea to co-found Botco.ai. Botco.ai is founded on the idea that brands are leaving money on the table through their inability to avoid significant time delays in answering questions from prospective customers. As businesses we haven’t figured out how to make ourselves accessible through messaging in a way that’s meaningful and that can scale.

This triggered me, and hence I invited Rebecca to my podcast. We discuss the effects of the growing mismatch in what customers have come to expect, and what businesses are able to provide when it comes to the way we communicate. We also discuss the journey Rebecca went through from idea to driving remarkable results – and the lessons she learned along the way.

Here are some of her quotes:

We’ve moved into this on demand economy. Everything has become instant, and 24/7. Unfortunately, businesses have struggled to really keep up with that on-demand experience that customers expect today.

If you look at the buyer journey […] you may have questions along the way as you’re trying to ask questions. And today, it’s very slow to get those answers, you’re going to be playing phone tag, you’re going to be emailing back and forth to get those answers and probably feeling very frustrated by the time you get all the information you need to make a decision. This is no longer acceptable for customers.

73% of customers require, and this is for business and consumer buyers, instant engagement in order to make a buying decision about your company. And if you can’t instantly answer them, they will go to whoever else has the fastest answer.

During this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. Why true impact is created if, with your solution, you can redefine the tech/human symbiosis i.e. the different role humans can play in the process to create value.
  2. What benefits you’ll get if you thoroughly test the viability of your idea before writing a line of code.
  3. The momentum that sparks once you make bets on being highly specialized and focus on the ‘non-obvious’ (underserved) markets.


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