Remarkable Discovery Call

Is your lunch being eaten? Time to become Remarkable (again)!

Do you recognise this?

Many business software CEO’s struggle to make their company stand out in a crowded and noisy market of sales pitches, value promises and technology visions. The result: Their lunch is being eaten by larger better known brands or new entrants, win-rates decline, discounts increase, and consequently top- and bottom line are pressured. It’s a frustrating vicious cycle. 

If you recognise this, our call will be very valuable.

  • Explore the Remarkable Assessment Process in a 30-minute call
  • Gain direct insights on quick wins and the biggest opportunities for growth
  • Get my personal, honest and direct advice on the next steps to become remarkable

Here's how it works...

In a 30-minute call we’ll assess where you stand based on 6 different criteria.

I'll provide my direct feedback based on my proven framework.

And give you practical next steps to start your journey.

What others are saying about me:

Creativity and honest insights

"This quote from Rosabeth Kanter sums up what you do: 'Leaders must wake people out of inertia. They must get people excited about something they’ve never seen before, something that does not yet exist.' "

David Griffiths  //  CEO Fiscal Technologies

We now stand out in a dense, highly competitive market

"Ton has helped us create a value proposition for our Exonum Blockchain Development platform that stands out in a dense, highly competitive market."

George Givishvili //  CMO at the Bitfury Group

Reshaped the product marketing vision

"Working with Ton Dobbe has been an inspiration for all my team. His knowledge of product marketing combined with the fast understanding of our target market allowed us to reshape the product marketing vision and create the most inspired value proposition for the Company."

Joaquim Jesus Santos   //  CEO Ebankit

Your investment?

There's none. This Remarkable Discovery Call is my investment in you.

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