#303 - Rory Codrington, CEO of Trust Keith - on building an exceptional SaaS business.

A story of how to build a successful SaaS company with 80%+ Gross Margins

This podcast interview focuses on the entrepreneurial journey to become a trusted brand in a heavily competitive and unsexy market. My guest is Rory Codrington, Founder of Trust Keith. 

Rory CodringtonRory is a Serial entrepreneur. He cofounded Flixtremein in 2013. Founded Slyce Tech in 2015 and WeDelight in 2018. 

In October 2019 he founded Trust Keith, a company that’s dedicated to helping companies effortlessly manage their data protection and data compliance.

Their mission: to change the “boring” and “unsexy” stereotypes of data compliance to make data protection simple, easy to understand, and an enabler for businesses.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Rory to my podcast. We explore what it takes to build a B2B SaaS business that stands the test of time. Rory elaborates on his big lessons from founding 3 other companies – and in particular what must be true. He shares the reasoning to shift focus from a product strategy perspective and how that strengthened their position. Last but not least he shares how to turn even the most boring domain into something you can stand out and proudly own.

Here’s one of his quotes

By being high touch right now, we’re just pulling so much better insights from our customers. I don’t want to go and rush this, like ‘Let’s sprint to get arm’s length away from our customers so that we can talk having a plg motion. We’re not solving for investment. We’re solving for customer retention, customer value, and revenue growth.

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. What questions to ask to build a business that has the foundation to last.
  2. What product strategy battles you should have internally to become mission critical to the right segment of the market?
  3. How to optimize your company for benchmark gross margin – without cutting corners.
  4. How to align every aspect of your business to become ‘the one’ in your segment of the market.


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