#317 - Ryan Janssen, CEO of Zenlytic- on successfully pioneering Generative AI.

A story about consistently creating new ways of delivering value - with a lean team.

This podcast interview focuses on the entrepreneurial journey to change the way we think and use about Business Intelligence. My guest is Ryan Janssen, Co-founder and CEO of Zenlytic.

Ryan Janssen ZenlyticRyan is a serial entrepreneur and visionary leader in data analytics and AI. He brings experience from previous roles at Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Private Equity and venture Capital funds, and Ex Quanta: AI Studio, giving him a strong background in AI and data analytics. 

His time in the VC world likely gave him valuable insights into what investors look for, how to pitch effectively, and how to strategically scale a business.

All his hands-on experience let him to co-found Zenlytic in July 2020. It’s a BI tool for commerce brands and DTC businesses. 

Their mission: making data insights accessible and actionable for everyone.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Ryan to my podcast. We explore what’s still broken in enabling non-data scientists to create unique insights to compete with the largest brands in the world. Ryan shares his big lessons learned in building a company that pioneered the promise of generative AI. He elaborates on his first principles around value creation and what he’s doing differently to stay lean while delivering high performance as a business. Last but not least he shares his tips on being able to prioritize long-term thinking as the company grows and create a business that lasts.

Here’s one of his quotes

I think the real winners will be the people that are building nimbly. The people that are applying creative uses of this tech and finding creative new ways to deliver value that doesn’t look very much like the generation of software that preceded them.

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. What you can do differently to ensure faster development and better quality with a lean team.
  2. Why you should break predictability to find new growth opportunities.
  3. How you can outcompete much larger big companies on their own strength.
  4. When you have lots of leads the challenge is not how to close them – but how you qualify them 


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