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Sales-Led SaaS Bootcamp

Where Founders of Sales-Led SaaS companies shape the foundation to grow beyond €5M+ ARR and reach profitability faster.

How? by doing 3 things differently together:

 1 – Fix the root cause of your growth problem.
2 – Eliminate the blind spots that hold you back.
3 – Discover hidden
 leverage that will give you air.

Start growing differently

From just €250/WEEK

Your mentoring helped me get to this stage that enables hyper-scale.

Some results: The length of the cycle has been shortened by 3-4x. Conversion rates jumped to 60% (from 30%).

– Rami Darwish, CEO Arrow Labs

Do you feel stuck?

Looking back a year ago, were you dreaming of working 12+ hour days, shipping hundreds of new product features, running countless campaigns to get more demo signups, and being involved in lengthy sales cycles … without making any significant progress?

And by “significant,” I mean a predictable and profitable revenue stream that makes you proud.

You’re not alone. Let me guess: You feel like going in circles. You and your team are in this bubble and can’t find a way to get out of your own head. The same problems keep hitting you again and again.

  • You’re struggling to keep the same growth rate.
  • Money is still going out faster than it’s coming in.
  • The unpredictability of your revenue frustrates you.

Perhaps you think, “If we add this feature,” or “If I just replace that salesperson” or “ask our Marketing agency to come up with one more campaign idea” the tide would turn in your favor.

The truth is, it will never do. At least not until you radically change your approach.

Here’s the problem.

Firstly – The tips you’ve picked up from reading all those books, listening to 100s of podcasts, and attending too many webinars have given you the feeling you always need to do more to succeed.

Maybe that’s correct. Maybe it’s not. Fact is, many of those information sources and playbooks are aimed at a different type of SaaS company at a different stage in its life cycle.

They’re not for people like you who run a Sales-Led SaaS business that:

  • has crossed the €1M ARR mark but not yet the €5M+ ARR mark.
  • Is selling monthly subscriptions that are well over €1.500+ (not €15).
  • With sales cycles that often run for 3-9 months (not hours or days).
  • Having to win the hearts of complex buying committees (not a single user).

Secondly – The fact you feel stuck in your growth is not because your product is mediocre, your people aren’t capable, or your sales processes aren’t organized. On the contrary. It’s something different, something invisible: Complacency, blindspots and bias.

And this means that translating those tips into what’s right for your business – with all these ‘invisibilities’ – can mean the difference between a brilliant year and a failure.

So, for the next few moments, forget the game you’ve been playing.

It’s not designed for your business to succeed.

Here’s an alternative approach.

Stop trying to do more and better. Start being different.

Why? It’s not about more visibility. It’s about Remarkability. Remarkability requires you to be different, not just better. What I mean is differentiation that translates into desirable value. Value that’s noticed and … talked about.

Just imagine:

  • Customers come to you, and you choose who you want to work with.
  • Instead of demanding discounts, customers now happily pay a premium for your product.
  • Your competitors start qualifying out the moment they know you are in.
  • You see sales cycles shorten by weeks, often by months.
  • Your win rates easily double and keep growing, often far beyond 60%.
  • Investors start chasing you – instead of the other way around.

All of that while enjoying what you do, being true to yourself, and not playing tricks with customers.

It’s what you can experience, too, when you embrace the 10 traits that define a Remarkable SaaS business.

With patience, my proven framework, and the right guidance, you can scale your Sales-Led SaaS business to 5, 10 or even 25 million € ARR – profitably.

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, starting this journey with Ton has the power to change your business for good and for the better – not by 10 percent – but by 10x.

– Michiel Schipperus, CEO Sana Commerce

“That makes sense, but what’s the difference between a Remarkable SaaS business and an average one?”

It’s mindset.

Remarkable software companies see the world differently.

  1. Unlike others, we acknowledge we can’t please everyone.
  2. We stand out by giving customers something valuable & desirable they can’t get anywhere else
  3. We aim to be different, not just better, because ONLY is better than best.
  4. We’re relentlessly curious – so ask questions others don’t dare to ask to find secrets.
  5. We create NEW value possibilities to break the limitations of the past instead of optimizing them.
  6. We don’t create customers but fans – by solving valuable problems in a way that exceeds expectations.
  7. We focus on the essence – killing our darlings and getting rid of all the things people already expect.
  8. We create momentum by sparking curiosity, urgency, and word of mouth.
  9. We sell the idea, not the product. By owning the idea, we own our audience – that unlocks the money.
  10. We surprise and hit the right nerve. Because making a human connection that results in action is more important than just getting attention.

Embracing this mindset sets Remarkable SaaS companies up to create growth that puts a smile on their face that won’t go off.

If this aligns with your mindset – then the Sales-Led-SaaS Bootcamp is the right choice for you.

Welcome to the Bootcamp.

The goal: Turn your Sales-led SaaS business into one people start talking about … and keep talking about. It means:

  • You stand out in your target market because you offer value that’s desirable.
  • You become a magnet for the right customers.
  • These customers become your fans – and fans buy more, buy more often, and sell for you to their peers.

The effect: Predictable, profitable growth.

Let me help you achieve this using my proven framework and personal guidance.

By joining The Sales-led SaaS Bootcamp, you’ll get

  • Access to my Remarkable Effect framework that I’ve used (and perfected) over the past 7 years to successfully help 40+ Sales-Led SaaS businesses across Europe and North America create growth they’re proud of.
  • My step-by-step guidance on how to create the growth foundation for your SaaS business and stand out in your market.
  • Membership in a private channel for 24/7 asynchronous discussion and support.
  • Access to all (past & future) themed workshops (One 60-minute + 30-minute Q&A workshop each month)
  • And 3 levels of personal guidance to suit your needs, preferences, and budget.
    1. Option 1: Group coaching via two LIVE Q&A sessions each week to get your questions answered in real-time – so you never get stuck.
    2. Option 2: Group coaching + a 24/7 private backchannel to me (Slack, Google, or Teams)
    3. Option 3: 100% Private coaching. Note: This option includes a growth guarantee.

“What will we do together?”

Together, we’ll implement my proven framework: The Remarkable Effect.

Funding Freedom

1 / Create the Foundation for your growth

In this phase of the program, you’ll apply the exact 12-step Remarkable Effect framework I am using in my private coaching Pressure Cooker program. It will give you the proven formula, stepped guidance, and accountability to get crystal clear on 6 foundational ingredients:

  1. Bring the unique characteristics of your ideal customer profile (ICP) alive.
  2. Zoom into the problems that are most valuable & critical for them to solve.
  3. Crystalize how your SaaS product solves those problems not only better but differently.
  4. Clarify how that translates into desirable value that exceeds expectations.
  5. Craft your value proposition that is compelling, memorable and easy to communicate.
  6. Take position to become the only logical option for your ideal customers.

This creates your foundational assets to start building momentum in sales and marketing and align everyone across your organization – from Development to Customer success.

Over the last two years since we have done the positioning project with Ton, our sales team started to deliver better, higher win rates and our average order value has increased about 20% year over year.

– Michiel Schipperus, CEO Sana Commerce

After the first full quarter, the time-to-close has improved by 30%. YOY we nearly doubled the number of won deals and improved the average deal size by 42%.

– Henk Jan Onstwedder - General Manager Legal & Regulatory - Wolters Kluwer

2 / Create Momentum

In this phase, we’ll focus on establishing momentum by leveraging your foundation for growth.

You’ll be guided on how to translate this into materials & tools for sales and marketing to confidently own this, don’t go off-message, and ensure you get the fastest ROI. Think about

  • Creating perception-changing narratives.
  • Running the most effective Discovery process.
  • Asking better questions to recognize the traits of those who’ll buy vs. those who won’t.
  • Telling your story in a way they claim pole position in the first meeting.
  • Structuring your sales and demo story for impact.
  • Tuning your proposal structure to make them irresistible.
  • Making your qualification process one that will build predictability in of your pipeline.

After our we’ve gone through the Momentum program, my conversion rates went from 5%, i.e., 1 in 20 deals, to 35-40%, possibly even closer to 50%.  Compared to last year, today I’m at double the revenue. I’m on a sixth-quarter streak achieving my target.

– Niels Verspui, Market Head South / East Africa, RoomRaccoon

We’re achieving our targets now, and your workshops have been fundamental to that. It has changed me and my team. We’re delivering more added value, are turning poor relationships into strong, trusted relationships, and are able to position ourselves as #1 in the minds of our customers. Customers now come to us because they WANT to expand.

– Alexandra Gemin - Manager Relationship Managers Legal Software Wolters Kluwer

Ton has made us better storytellers. Stories that resonate with our ideal customers, addressing their most pressing problems. We’re getting noticed in a dense market.

– Sally Scott, CMO OneAdvanced

3 / Create Resilience

As your momentum starts to build (i.e., deal cycles start to shorten, and you’re winning more deals without having to give discounts), we’ll work together to increase the resilience of your SaaS business. Monthly Quests will challenge you to take a fresh look at your business to uncover blindspots such as:

  • Where you have opportunities to create more leverage.
  • Where you can get paid more for the value you deliver.
  • Where you can free up scarce development resources to focus more on what actually moves the needle.
  • Where you have opportunities to further increase gross margin.
  • Where you have potential to further reduce churn and make customers want to stay forever

and so on.

In every phase and every step, I’ll ensure you get challenged to explore new paths and remove your blind spots.

Ton allowed us to start measuring our win rates, which have since moved up 5% across the board over the last two years—in certain product lines, even 10-15%. But we’ve got 45 product lines, so when you average it all out, 5% is actually huge, if you think about it.

Long story short: Ton’s input helped us execute our business plan and achieve the company sale and reinvestment of £2 billion.

– Roy Wood - Chief Sales Officer Advanced

Now there’s just perfect alignment between what we sell to the customer and who we are as a business.

– Greg Blazewicz, CEO Salesmanago

Here’s what you get when you join

Get access to me, my proven framework, 30+ years of experience and a group of unbiased like-minded peers – without a huge investment.

  • Stand out in a way you become incomparable to your ideal customers
  • Shorten deal cycles by weeks and often months
  • 2x your win rates (and often more)
  • Stop having to give discounts.
  • Increase your margins.

… and a ton of tactics like:

  • Stop going in circles and get out of your own head.
  • Avoid your competitor’s mistakes.
  • Start seeing leverage everywhere in your company – not just in marketing and sales.
  • Free up resources in R&D to give them more time to build what matters.
  • Make your business stronger and more resilient – one week after the other.

But don’t take my word for it

Check out what sales-led growth (SLG) focused SaaS founders like you are saying.

There are lots and lots of groups out there, but none that are as product focused around the entrepreneurial journey.

– Riaz Kanani, CEO RadiateB2B

Our storyline is much stickier. Our branding has much more “substance.” Our website metrics are better. 

Our leads in the past two years have been more qualified and of better quality than before. Basically, anything that’s coming in has a way higher likelihood of closing.

Comparing our win rates this year to last year, they’ve almost doubled, especially in the US. And our sales cycle has shortened.

– Annika Björkholm, CMO at Swipeguide

Working with Ton has brought stability to the team and stability in the company for knowing which way we were going.

Beyond that, it saved me so much time having that group of peers. Their feedback on how I can look at the challenge at hand. All the things I haven’t thought about myself. The leverage of knowledge within the group. They challenge me out of my comfort zone. It’s a temperature gauge that gives me a lot of security. 

– Quintus Willemse, CEO of Sharecouncil

I’m thankful to have been pushed as we are working through some shifts for 2024. I really value the guys and your input. Thank you for the opportunity!

– Tina Zwolinski, CEO SkillsGapp

I’m also glad that we met, and thanks for letting me participate in your community. You’re one of the few people I met who encourages SaaS founders to go against mainstream opinion, e.g., saying no to customers who are a bad fit, increasing prices… The mindset shift is what makes your mentoring so valuable, and I appreciate you for that.

– Jens Dressler, CEO GraphAPI

You gave us the light and helped the team to be more aware of where TOPdesk can make the difference and where our blindspots were.

– Sofie Drijver, Head of growth TOPdesk

These calls are great for refocusing. That’s great because the one thing we can’t buy more of in this world is time. That’s the one thing we lose if we go down the wrong path: You could spend months doing the wrong thing.

– Hew Leith, CEO Atomley

Ton is a force you can count on to awaken your leadership potential. His collaborative DNA helps inspire you to do more, reach higher, and constantly challenge you to think harder and harder – guiding you to where you are and where you need to be.

– Cindy Gordon - CEO Saleschoice

“What’s the investment?”

You can start at €250 per week – The Flexibility option.

There are 3 options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Each option has exactly the same program, the only thing that’s different is my involvement and the guarantees you’ll get.

  1. Flexibility = Group coaching
    Self-paced + access to 2 weekly ‘Office hour’ calls for all your questions.

    No long-term obligations on your side – you can cancel any week.

  2. Confidence = Group Coaching  + 1:1 Private back channel
    Same as 1, just with 24/7 access to me via a private chat channel (Slack, Teams or Google)

    No long-term obligations on your side – you can cancel any week.

  3. Guaranteed Growth = a 12-month 1:1 programma 
    Shoulder to Shoulder, I’ll guide you & your team through the 3-phase framework. I stand for impact, therefor this option includes a growth guarantee.
    Given the growth guarantee, this is a 12-month plan.

Sales-Led SaaS Bootcamp pricing

This rate will go up, but if you join now, it’s yours for life, and won’t be subject to future price increases.

Heck, if all you did was win one new client based on phase 1, it wouldn’t be unusual to make your year’s investment back already after just a few weeks.

Double heck – my goal is to turn you into my biggest fan and brag about your results. Remember, I wrote the book The Remarkable Effect. So, practicing what I preach. Guaranteed.

It’s in my best interest that you win.

“Is this right for me?”

In a nutshell, this is for you if:

  • You are the founder or CEO of a Sales-led SaaS business.
  • You are tired of going in circles without getting the results you deserve.
  • Your company has a market-tested product and paying customers.*
  • You want to execute. You just want to make sure you’re not wasting your time.
  • You could use a pair of fresh eyes to see where you’re doing things wrong.
  • You know your product has the potential, but you are unsure how to get that potential out.
  • You’re looking for a system, not random tactics.

(* – To get maximum value from the program your revenue ideally sits within the $1M ARR and $25M ARR bracket.)

The program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re still pre-revenue.
  • You’re looking for a silver bullet.
  • You are in it just for the big valuation and their exit (I hate that, sorry)
  • You want to take shortcuts and don’t care if the results are mediocre.
  • You’re looking for ready-to-fill templates.
  • You’re not prepared to roll up your sleeves and consistently show up.

I have direct access to very practical, hands-on knowledge. That’s invaluable. It’s exactly what you need in a world that’s changing so fast. You need peers – and it often feels they’re much more than peers.

– Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt, CEO The New Fork

I had no experience being an entrepreneur. And I wanted and needed the input from people that had come through this same journey before me. So what better than to have a group of CEOs that all work in a software as a service business.

The great thing about this tribe is that they’re not stakeholders, but they actually work in a very similar environment. They’re your peers that can give you feedback in a way that you can’t get from anyone else.

– Michel Valstar - CEO Blueskeye AI

Regularly engaging with a group of diverse but uniformly smart peers has been invaluable. I have gotten help in making very actionable decisions. You can’t get that from subordinates, only peers.

– Jon Ruby, CEO Jonar

You had a methodology. You knew exactly how to attack our problem. I would recommend your service to any B2B SaaS company because it worked. And now I have a group of peers who are all doing B2B SaaS. People who have gone down roads that didn’t work out well, have tried other things, and found out what worked. They have consequential knowledge. That’s invaluable. Where else are you gonna get that?

– Frank Wander, Founder and CEO PeopleProductive.

“Will this work for me?”

It’s impossible to predict the future. But there are some things I do know.

First, if you say, “That won’t work for me.” Then it won’t. I you ask, “How could this work for me?” It just might.

Rule of thumb: It will work if you do. The Remarkable Effect Framework has worked for many Sales-Led SaaS companies and has been constantly tuned to incorporate all the lessons and experiences.

Good news: It costs little to show up, little to start learning, and little to take the first step. I have the proven framework, knowledge from 1000s of hours doing repositioning projects and coaching sales-led SaaS CEOs, and the experience (30+ years ) needed to give you the best shot possible –

But that first step is totally up to you.

“How do I join the Bootcamp?”

Simple, press the button below.

As soon as you press the button, you’ll be taken to my Calendly so you can select a 20-minute slot for our Onboarding call.

Step 1: Our Onboarding call

To make sure you optimally benefit from the program, we will discuss where you and your company stand today and what you aim to accomplish. We’ll determine IF this is the right fit – and which option will fit your needs best.

Step 2: Register

If there’s a good fit, I’ll give you a link to register your credit card for the weekly payments. If you prefer to pay annually (20% discount), I’ll organize that directly with you. For option 3, I’ll invoice you based on your preference.

Step 3: Get value right from the first week onward.

Once you’re registered, you’ll get access to the private group and the program, and you’ll be able to start engaging with the prompts and connect with peer B2B SaaS CEOs. Next I’ll invite you to the right calls & workshops. Already, from the first prompt onwards, you’ll experience Aha! moments, and find breakthroughs. Promise.


What you’ve done with me to get to this stage will now enable hyper-scale. 

Honestly, framing is one of the most potent tools in your arsenal, Ton. 

My mind was stuck on the solution. But in our 1-to-1 mentoring sessions, you kept on poking to reframe my mind out of the solution. And you did that by constantly saying: Who cares? Why is that important? And although it was annoying, it pissed me off several times – because from a founder’s perspective, I kept going: What do you mean, ‘Why is it important? It’s important; everybody needs to hear about that.

But that’s not the point …

So that was one thing. And then the other thing was the framing around segmentation. 

So from a founder’s perspective – Why is it essential to find this? 

Because if you find this, you’ll be able to build a scalable sales engine. 

  • Because you’ll know when to qualify out. You cannot build a scalable sales engine if you don’t know when to qualify out. 
  • Secondly, if you can’t figure out why your customers buy your product and what problems they are solving, then you can’t get to step two.
  • And if you can’t get to step two, you can’t get to step three, which is to nail down customers that will buy your products. 

And you hit that with me from all these angles.

We are now focused on quality growth, not fast growth – and the results are clear:

  • The qualification stage shortened from 3 to only 1 meeting
  • Our sales pipeline is laser-sharp right now
  • It’s filled with lots of high-quality deals
  • There are fewer competitors competing with us
  • Our conversion rates jumped to 60% (from 30%)
  • The length of the cycle has been shortened by 3-4x
  • We now only need half the sales pipeline compared to before
  • We’re creating repeatable patterns. That scales and is sustainable.
– Rami Darwish - CEO Arrowlabs

I’d highly recommend it. Our experience was overwhelmingly positive. In pure measurables, we can see improvement, not just in sales numbers, but in broader metrics. Even in things that are slightly harder to track around people’s attitudes and their conversations.

Ton’s program has had a huge impact. It’s enabled us to see better results individually and collectively. It’s also helped us shape and improve our processes. For me, that’s the holy trinity of what I want to happen.

For me, this was an opportunity to really climb inside our business a little bit more and really challenge ourselves.

Rather than sort of generic repurposed sales content, we talked about our problems, our challenges, our successes every day. That’s why this was such a success for us.

My sales team received the biggest benefit. It gave them the extra 10% of confidence they needed to fly.

We just needed some outside help getting certain team members to move from the back of the pack to our kind of leaders.

You just see their confidence is now sky-high and manifests itself in a really nice way.

– Adam Clarke - Chief Sales Officer - Roomraccoon

When we began looking into getting outside help for our pitches and propositions, three things struck me as relevant in Ton’s CV:

His market background experience in ERP. The fact that he had a diversity of experience through the go-to-market value chain, so he wouldn’t just be coming at it from a narrow lens. And thirdly, there’s just the “can we work with this person? Does he see something? Is there a connection? And would he fit in culturally?” And the answer was a resounding yes.

And while Ton checked all the boxes, so to speak, he also had the ability to challenge us, which is always something we have to embrace when working with a third party.

Today, there is clearly a shift in the way that we see pitches. I still remember how Ton taught us to stand out from the crowd in the way he put together our proposition.

We now have a scoring system that we do internally. And that’s based on a lot of the questions he asked and from him helping us with our playbook and methodology. It’s now part of our own advanced DNA.

Ton also gave us a lot of structure which we were able to take and make an advanced playbook and even more so build a legacy from, which was invaluable.

Ratios in so many of the products we were working on have gotten better. He allowed us to start measuring our win rates which have since moved up 5% across the board over the last two years.

In certain product lines, we’ve seen a shift from 10-15% But we’ve got 45 product lines, so when you average it all out 5% is actually huge if you think about it.

That all starts back from evaluating the proposition and executing the roadmap to make modifications.

We’ve gotten up to speed with productivity. It’s now part of our onboarding and ramp time and even our cross-sell awareness.

As far as Ton’s in-person charisma and presence and willingness to be flexible and work with us, that turned out to be a no-brainer.

And while he always maintained an outsider’s perspective, he made himself a part of Advanced. We felt like there was nothing we couldn’t share. That manifested most overtly in the feedback he was able to give us. No one ever took his feedback personally – certainly credit to our team for that but also to Ton for the way he delivered it so that we could take it on board and implement it.

He delivered a winning ratio, professionalism and a methodology to what we do.

I refer Ton to people in my network because I’m confident he can see what’s not working with your company, that he can do the data research, and the space research, even if it’s in a different timezone and geography. He “gets” the market.

His direct experience in the ERP space allows him to add context where with his past experiences he can anecdotally deliver the insights he’s gleaned from other businesses, which I think brings a sense of credibility to it, then someone else that wouldn’t be in the marketplace.

– Roy Wood - Chief Sales Officer - Advanced

With the help of Ton, we’ve revamped our sales approach, from product-driven to value-driven. After the first full quarter, our time-to-close has improved by 30%. YOY we nearly doubled the number of won deals and improved the average deal size by 42%. That’s great sales productivity improvement.

When I joined Wolters Kluwer, we were working with a team who was somewhat of a one-trick pony team. They were fairly good at selling one product line, until suddenly, they had to sell two. Which put us in a quandary of which solution we should position with the client.

Needless to say, the team struggled.

Ordinarily, we’d show a product and all its features hoping there would be something in it for the client, and, if so, we’d see if we could make the deal. But with two products, that didn’t work as well anymore. It called for a completely different discussion, and it was fairly obvious that the team was not used to having those discussions.

The magnitude of all that made us realize that we needed to start a new initiative. To start a transition from where we were to where we wanted to be. We also came to the realization that if we continued the way we were working, we would no longer be successful.

At the beginning of the transition, we were looking at win rates of roughly 20% in both opportunity numbers and opportunity value. Looking at it from a glass half-empty situation, we were also losing 80% of the deals.

The other thing we noticed was that it took a really long time to close opportunities – both the ones we were winning, but especially the ones we were losing, which is an equally important metric. The whole process, from top to bottom, was inefficient and ineffective.

Even more so because the products we were selling weren’t that complex. Or expensive! So there was really no excuse for long sales cycles.

Suffice it to say that working with Ton has been transformational for the entire team.

When I first called him, I was looking for a coach. Someone who could help us with our product demos, but also with an understanding that, at some point, we had to start thinking about how we could better understand what our clients really need.

What Ton suggested was broader than I had originally anticipated. But it was the right thing for the team to do because it focused on where we were, product driven, to where we wanted to be, which was client driven – understanding the ultimate needs of the client.

It was a true game-changer for everybody on the team. To date, we still talk about it, and we still apply the lessons that we all learned together.

The biggest win came when we realized there was no opportunity that we  HAD to accept before the discovery call. We now understand that the beginning of the sales cycle is actually meant to disqualify – rather than qualify – as quickly as possible.

It’s a complete 180º where we now say, “Let’s assume that this is NOT going to be our client.” As a consequence – and a fairly dramatic one at that – we now work on much fewer opportunities – almost half compared to what we did two years ago!

On the flip side, the stuff that we are working on is much more likely to go in our direction.

Bottom line: we went from win rates that were in the low 20% to over 40% – yes, our win rate doubled. 

Even if you look at the value of the opportunities we were winning, we were in the low 20s. As opposed to where we’re at now in the 50% range. So we’re winning more higher value opportunities as well.

All the while, our average deal size has tripled over the last two years.

And we’re no longer losing against direct competitors. We still lose every now and again because there’s a no-decision, but we don’t lose to our competitors. Compared to two years ago, that is a massive, massive change.

One thing to add: Turnover has reduced drastically.

Ton’s process has helped us get internal recognition from the team, which has led to other parts of the business becoming interested in the change process that we’ve been going through.

Obviously, I would definitely recommend Ton, but to get the outcome you’re hoping for, there has to be a willingness to change. 

If you truly, truly, truly believe that it’s not about selling products, but rather, how you sell instead of what you sell, then I think it’s the right program.

– Henk Jan Onstwedder - General Manager Legal & Regulatory - Wolters Kluwer

There’s so much nuance in what we do that if Ton had tried to put all that into his book, it would be so big that nobody would ever read it.

Ton simply uses the book as a foundation, but it’s what he helps you build on top that’s the invaluable part.

You could use the book as a reference. But again, when you are talking about a book, I did an executive MBA. And you know, we had lots of books to read. But if I sat down outside of the Executive MBA and read those books, they’re not reflective of what I got out of the Executive MBA – not even a single-digit percentage.

– Riaz Kanani - CEO RadiateB2B

Still have questions?

Got questions? Great! I’ve got answers:

Q: How is the Sales-led SaaS Bootcamp different from an accelerator program?

There are 6 main areas of difference:

  • It’s heavily niched-down, i.e., for Sales-led SaaS not for any SaaS company
  • Its aim is to remove the root-cause issues that hold back your growth not to help you just improve on sales and marketing.
  • It’s focused on clarifying & strengthening your differentiation – not just to give you a better value proposition.
  • It’s NOT focused on preparing you for a funding round. On the contrary – the aim is the help you become free from funding (so you have a choice)
  • It’s NOT funded with shares or access to your Cap Table. Instead it’s heavily optimized to give you cashflow flexibility.
  • It’s all designed around a program that’s been battle tested – and as such can be obtained with an impact guarantee.

Sales-Led SaaS Bootcamp vs Accelerator

Q: Do I need to commit to a certain number of weeks? 

There are no long-term obligations for options 1 and 2. Love it or leave it.

How come? I know that if I deliver the goods, people will happily keep paying. Of course, some will leave. but most will stay. And those who stay are fun to work with because I don’t force them to do so. Just keep in mind that if you decide to leave, you won’t be able to join for 12 months.

For option 3 (with Impact Guarantees), I’ll invoice you in 12 equal monthly parts. You should see this as a payment plan.

Q: When are the group sessions held?

Group sessions (Option 1 and 2) are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8AM PST/11AM EST/ 5PM CET. If there’s demand, additional sessions may be added at alternative times.

For Option 3, we’ll plan everything based on your preference.

Q: What if I am in a different time zone? 

I want to accommodate people in all timezones, but I am not prepared to guarantee regular meetings outside of my normal working hours.

If there is a lot of demand for alternate times, I’m open to discussion with the community to see if we can work something out.

In the meantime, the best option if you can’t join live is to submit questions in advance and watch the recorded reply when it’s convenient.

Q: Will all my questions get answered in the group sessions?

Yes. I’ll keep answering as long as it takes to get through everyone’s questions. If sessions are planned for 90 minutes, I’ll add sessions to accommodate demand.

Q: How much time should I allocate for this?

Totally up to you. That’s the beauty of the asynchronous nature of the program. One week can be more than the other based on what your schedule allows for. If you want to sprint – you can sprint. If you want to make steady progress by make a small steps forward every week – also good. We’ll support you in any way we can – and keep you accountable what the goals you set for yourself each week.

Q: What if my revenue is beneath the suggested lower limit?

That depends. The $1M – $25M ARR range is a proxy. It depends a lot on the growth you’re experiencing. Having a growing number of paying customers for a standard product is most important.

Q: What if my revenue is above the suggested upper limit?

If your preferred ways of learning is ‘by doing’ this is a great way to make progress, and level up. The prompts are designed in such a way that you’ll always apply the reflection to your own situation. So it works well for much larger Sales-led SaaS businesses who are, for example, seeking help to break through revenue ceilings for strategic products in their portfolio.

Q: Has the Sales-Led SaaS Bootcamp program a start and an end, or is it continuous?

Option 1 + 2 is a program designed to drive continuous value. So there’s no official start or stop. This means you can join at any moment in the program. It starts with a series of fundamental steps (from my framework) and then continues with monthly Quests that are designed to zoom into all the critical challenges of profitably growing a Sales-led SaaS business.

For option 3 (with the impact guarantee) we’ll start with my 4-week pressure-cooker to get the foundation in place, so that we leave maximum time to build momentum and resilience. The goal is impact. Once the impact is delivered, you can decide to join the lower tier Bootcamp program to keep challenging your business and ensure you stay remarkable.

Q: Will I belong?

You belong here. Everyone belongs here. Regardless of the color of your skin, your nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, or anything that might make you feel like an outsider. You belong here. The more diversity, the better.

Q: Do you have a syllabus?

Yes – the entire framework from my premium Pressure Cooker program. It’s not a template where you’re asked to fill in the dots. It’s designed to reveal get to the essence of your business, and then guides you to leverage that to win. Once you’ve moved through all the steps and frameworks, I’ll publish monthly Quests and weekly Prompts to challenge you to remain that SaaS business that people not only start talking about, but keep talking about.

Q: What kinds of questions can I ask?

You can ask anything you like. This is where the value comes from. The better you formulate your questions and participate in the challenges that your peers bring – the more you’ll level up.

Q: How is Sales-Led-SaaS Bootcamp program different from your private coaching program?

My SaaS CEO Mastermind program is focused on attacking challenges as a group through discussion (hot seats, special prompts, case studies). My role is the one of the moderator, and I’ll obviously add value where I can.

The Sales-led SaaS Bootcamp is about execution i.e. shipping and making tangible progress. In that respect, these models complement each other because finding breakthroughs then sparks execution to solve it.

Q: How many people do you allow on this program? 

Quality and trust over quantity. Your Group Coaching cohort will be no bigger than 20 like-minded peers.

Q: Will the BootCamp involve certification?

No, the program is a framework, not a training or academy. It’s giving your guidance to shape the foundation for growth that’s built on the unique differentiation of your company.

My bio in numbers and how it will help you make a difference.

Ton Dobbe, Founder of Value Inspiration and author of The Remarkable Effect

2 Words: Passion + Mystique (My Archetype: The Intrigue – if you’re familiar with Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate)

My rare ability to switch between taking an analytical view and connecting emotions will help you find the most effective method to persuade your target audience.

3 Scores on the Game Changer Index 

Being a Game-Changer 9 (Creates the Future), Strategist 8 (Maps the Future), and Polisher 8 (Creates a Future to be Proud of) all help create clarity and momentum for you.

+30 Years of Experience in International B2B Software

With over 3 decades of experience in B2B software, I can help you avoid the pitfalls and rabbit holes I’ve made in the past across product strategy, segmentation, positioning, pricing, sales, globalization and even expansion through mergers & acquisitions.

+350 B2B Software Entrepreneurs I’ve Interviewed & Worked With

Take my insights gleaned from conversing and working with entrepreneurs like you to connect critical dots and spark many Aha! moments. I also connect you with the right peers to help you level up and take your business forward.

1 Typical Dutchman

Among many things, I’m here to help you remove your blind-spots. Being an outsider, I look at your business with fresh eyes, without emotion or complacency. Being Dutch I can, and will be, direct (just as a warning!). Together, we will challenge the status quo, turn over every stone, and ask the questions nobody internally ever dares to ask.

The Brutal Truth:

You don’t need more information

By this point, you’ve realized you can make your SaaS business grow predictably and stop chasing funding.

The most common question I get right here is: “Yeah, but how do I do all that?” What you’re really saying is “Yeah, this sounds great, but …”

“I need more time to think it through.”

“I need to read more about it.”

“I need more …”

It’s always MORE.

More research, more time, more educational posts, more opinions from experts. More something. If you’re here, stop and ask yourself this:

If I gave you my Remarkable Effect Frameworks tomorrow, would you know what to do? 

Would you know …

  • How to clarify what makes your SaaS products remarkable?
  • How to identify who’s prepared to pay a premium for that – and why?
  • How to position your product so it becomes ‘the obvious one’ for your ideal customers?
  • How do you craft your value proposition so they’ll buy without asking for discounts?
  • How to shorten sales cycles by months, not weeks?
  • How to double your win rates and keep them growing to 60, 70 or even 80%?
  • How to increase profitability without laying off headcount?

oretically, you could find all of that information online for free. Heck, you could read all 1000+ of my free Daily’s, Linkedin posts or Essays.

So, why are you here?

If information was all that mattered, everyone would live in their 2nd house on Ibiza, have a balance life, and a successful SaaS business.

But, it’s not about more information –

It’s about connecting the dots & executing.


Makes sense?  Cool.

Here’s a final question for you:

Where will your SaaS business be in 6 months from now?

Today, you have to make a decision.

If you decide to do nothing and wait for the “better times,” that’s a decision too. Your future self will have to deal with that.

But there’s also a different path.

Start working on fixing the foundation of your SaaS business now.

Because you lose 6 (maybe 7) figures every year – and you don’t know how to make an extra 7 figures.

So you might as well learn.

Only 3 steps left to join:

Step 1: Press the button below.

Step 2: I’ll get you enrolled (IF we both believe the fit is right)

Step 3: I’ll get you set up in the Sales-Led-SaaS Bootcamp.




And again, don’t worry; for Option 1 + 2 there’s absolutely no long-term obligation. You can cancel every week.




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