Your Sales Pitch Reimagined

Enable your salesforce to deliver sales pitches that stick

Take the first step to start delivering sales pitches that stick  

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Do you struggle with the performance of your sales team?

Are you challenged to win the heart of key decision makers?
Do you believe you're discounting too much?
Do you believe you're losing deals that you should have won hands-down?
You are not alone - and here's where I can be your guide.

Plan to transform: Step 1 - The Pitch Battle

Based on my +25 year product marketing experience in the business software industry I have a developed an approach that enables sales to deliver their pitch in a remarkable way.

In an interactive workshop, I’ll coach your entire sales team how to approach, structure and deliver a sales pitch that communicates the unique values of your company, product or platform in a way that resonates and sticks with each prospect.

During the workshop, the attendees will work in isolation or in small groups on either an actual or fictitious sales case.

The workshop flow includes:

  • The techniques to gather all key ingredients
  • The 5-step approach to creating a remarkable pitch
  • The Grand Finale: The Pitch-Battle
  • Key takeaways and call-to-action

Every section of the workshop comprises of theory, hands-on action, presenting back and a summary of the key learning factors.

Sales Pitch

Plan to transform - Step 2 - Reinforcement via my mentor program

To reinforce learning, every participant will receive sales pitch-mentoring based on actual deals or engagements they are working on. 
The mentor program has been designed to guide each participant towards pole position / shortlist position.
They'll receive personal feedback through regular virtual mentoring sessions.

The outcome


Sell vision and Value, not Features

Each sales will tell your story passionately, credibly and in a customer relevant way.

Ability to Change Perception

They will master the techniques to win the heart of decision makers.

Claim Pole Position

End up #1 in the customers' mind right from that first meeting.

Make the first step to deliver a sales pitch that sticks  

Get some fresh ideas