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🔆 Degrading product market fit.

NRR is a complicated beast because it has so many components.
The downfall of NRR can be a result of
  1. Degrading Go-To-Market fit (GTMF)
  2. Degrading Product-Market-Fit (PMF)
  3. A combination of both.
For example, Imagine you’ve just sold a new SaaS deal. ...

🔆 The Product Market Fit strength of your SaaS solution

Is the speed of adoption or the churn rate of your SaaS solution worrying you?
One thing to look at could be Product Market Fit.
‘Over time, the success or failure of a SaaS company really depends on the strength of the product market fit.’
The question is: What defines that strength? ...

#220 – Shay David, CEO of  Retrain.AI – on Product Market Fit resilience How to create a product that provides a direct line to value for the relevant market. 

We explore what’s broken in the Talent Development market and why the best strategy for managing HR & talent management today sadly is: “We’ll do tomorrow what we did yesterday.” Shay share’s his vision of how to solve the global talent problem at the core. He also shares his secrets on how to create a sustainable advantage and what needs to be in place to shape a software business that people not only start talking about but keep talking about.  ...

#209 – Daniel Erickson, CEO of Viable on nailing Product Market Fit A story about what it takes to build software that customers love

We explore the challenges many SaaS businesses face in finding product-market fit. Daniel shares his experiences, and what’s required to do / not to do in order achieve this – whether you build a product from the ground up, or evolve an existing product. He also shares his experiences that not every product is fit for a product-led growth approach, ...

🔆 Product- or Business Market fit?

Yesterday’s CEO mastermind discussed the relevance of “Product Market Fit” in a B2B SaaS context.
Here’s the thing
In a B2B SaaS context, companies don’t buy just the product, i.e., the sum of the features – that’s just an element of the whole package.
Getting this wrong harms the business in many ways. ...

🔆 How do you keep the strongest possible Product-Market Fit?

The first battle SaaS businesses must overcome: getting to product/market fit.
The next one: keeping it.
There’s nothing more frustrating than growing strong momentum to realize growth and adoption flattens, and then decline starts to kick in.
The fact is: product-market fit is a moving target. Then you have it; ...