Selling the idea (not the product) unlocks the money

Selling the idea (not the product) unlocks the money

In my post from yesterday, I already mentioned that by selling the idea (not the product), you’re opening your customers’ eyes to see they can achieve their aspirations in ways they never believed possible before.

That opens so many doors. One crucial one is: It unlocks the money.

Let’s look at it from a slightly different angle. Imagine you aim to get seed funding for your software business. To do so, you’ll have to convince VCs about one thing: the big idea behind your business.

They need to be convinced about the potential behind this idea and that it will create a shift of change in the market that’s monetizable. Without that belief, any further discussion is not happening.

It’s the first paragraph they look for in your memorandum and the first slide they expect in your pitch deck. For them, it’s all about the money.

Isn’t it funny that we all know that, but still, more often than not, we forget this in our go-to-market? If it can convince a VC to fund capital, it can convince a prospect to invest as well, right?

Here are some tips that I see working all the time:

  • Communicate change – positive yet transformational change
  • Focus on what people want or aspire, more than what they need
  • Ensure to keep it simple

Remember: The real value is not coming from features as such; it’s coming from the belief in the change our customers are able make to secure their future. That’s what we’re selling. That’s what they are buying.

Here’s your opportunity to shine: what’s the big idea behind your software business?