#20 - How AI helps call center agents be their best selves and create customers for life

An interview with Skyler Place, Chief Behavioral Science Officer at Cogito Corporation in Boston

My guest on the podcast is week is Skyler Place, Chief Behavioral Science Officer at Cogito Corporation in Boston.

He is a computational social scientist with an entrepreneurial mindset. At Cogito, he leads the company’s efforts to combine behavioral science and artificial intelligence to create more emotionally intelligent humans.

As you can imagine, this inspired me, and hence I invited Skyler to my podcast.

We explore how technology such as AI can increase the quality of conversations people can have with each other, and how this is driving remarkable impact for organizations, their employees, and their customers.

Here are some of Skyler’s quotes:

“The big idea behind Cogito is that we can use modern artificial intelligence to create tools that can help improve humanity. To help improve how people communicate with one another. We can help people be their best selves.

We’ve built a platform that can listen to conversations and help individuals understand how they can speak differently in order to have better conversations.

In order to retain and grow their customer base, the quality of the conversation between the employees of the organization, the call center agents, and the customers calling in has become a critical way to build a lifetime value or to build a lifelong customer.

There’s so much value for this approach to improve all different aspects of the human experience. We continue to focus on opportunities that allow us to have the most positive impact on society.”

By listening to this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. Why focusing on ‘moments of truth’ is what ultimately defines success or failure – and therefore can become your core differentiator.
  2. What’s required to develop software solutions that will actually be voted the most favorite product by its users
  3. How exploring ‘non-customers’ can create complete new unexplored markets for you



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