Software businesses exist to advance something

Software businesses exist to advance something

Value PropositionLast weekend I drove around the Valencia region in my new 40-year old Defender.
It’s clear what they grow here: oranges. There are orange trees as far as you can see. They’ve been here for decades, possibly even centuries. And it looks like time has stand still: Maintenance and harvesting is often done by hand.

The larger these farms grow, the more time and effort it takes to inspect the quality of the crop. Missing a small sign could lead to large scale disasters and ruin the harvest for that year. So over all those years of technological evolution nothing really advanced.

Sure, tractors got more powerful, machinery more refined, fertilizer stronger and insecticides more biological, but still, you still have to check every single tree manually.

That’s exactly what the founders of Aerobotics saw as well, and they used it as an opportunity to advance an ages old industry and take into today’s world: Inspection by drone, analysis by AI, delivered as a service – highly optimized for tree-crop. Farmers around the world can now virtually manage their large citrus farms from their office.

When we go places, visit offices of our customers, meet with suppliers, and drive around our region – these examples are available everywhere. Things look familiar and OK, but very often nothing has really advanced for decades. That’s a massive opportunity to create remarkable value.

Too often we’re too busy advancing our own stuff – and with that I mean the blind focus on advancing our own top- and bottom line and staying on par with our closest competitors.

What if we’d shift our focus to advancing our customers. Transforming the way they can do their work and create a difference. Giving them something they’d miss if it was gone. Imagine what that would do to our advancing ourselves.

If you value to be surrounded with peers – tech-entrepreneurs, on a mission as to do something big and meaningful as well – I invite you to join the tribe.