Sometimes your purpose can be the answer to surviving a crisis

Value PropositionIf we think about the industry most hit by the pandemic the past eight months, it’s Travel – hands down.

So what if your name is AirBnB and your entire business is dependent on the fact people love traveling. Panic? Sure, what else if you see your gross bookings drop 39% (YTD).

But AirBnB’s has a secret to resilience. And that’s what we can learn a lot from.

Many tech businesses would have been stuck, dead in the water, simply because they strictly look at ”what they do”. Not Airbnb.

Why not? Because they are building their business around their vision i.e. their big idea (”Belong Anywhere”), not the product. 

Their vision didn’t change as the pandemic hit; to the contrary – it made them stronger.

Think about it: Just because COVID made traveling challenging to doesn’t mean it eliminated our basic need for belonging and connection.

What did change was how AirBnB would achieve its vision, i.e., a sharpened mission statement: ”To create a world where people can belong through healthy travel that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable”. 

Airbnb is going places and COVID won’t stop them. 

It’s resilient because it had and has a clear north star. 

This helps them to stay focused on what matters most to their clients and with that continue to create remarkable experiences. That’s key to survive a crisis – any crisis.

Do you know of other remarkable examples?

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