#282 - Stijn Hendrikse,  Author T2D3 - on scaling a B2B SaaS business

A story about the the essentials to take B2B SaaS companies into growth stage after finding Product Market Fit.

This podcast interview focuses on the art of successfully scaling a B2B SaaS business. My guest is Stijn Hendrikse, Author of T2D3. 

Stijn Hendrikse is a serial entrepreneur and author and has been a growth leader with over 20 years of experience in both SaaS and AI industries. Early in his career, He was a GM at Microsoft and then served as CMO and CEO for multiple B2B SaaS companies, including MightyCall and Acumatica. 

Then he founded Kalungi, a growth-as-a-service provider, and wrote T2D3 (Triple, Triple, Double, Double, Double), a book on how to scale SaaS businesses after finding product-market fit.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Stijn to my podcast. We explore the big lessons Stijn learned in growing a range of B2B SaaS businesses – and dig into the typical mistakes companies make trying to scale their business too early, too fast.

Stijn discusses his 10-step framework to measure whether you’ve received product market fit and shares his assessment technique to understand whether a SaaS company has future potential or not. Last but not least, we discuss the art of segmentation, particularly if you’re addressing a totally new market.

Here’s one of his quotes

If you’re a CEO or founder, it’s your number one job to answer two questions. Who’s it for, and what’s it for? What’s the value proposition that you’re bringing to the markets? And why is that important for the people that you’re trying to serve? You cannot delegate those two questions to anybody else. 

And a great way to test your theory: if you’re unable to articulate that in some content, either a podcast episode like this or in a blog article, you’re really not ready to scale your company.

During this interview, you will learn five things:

  1. What’s the most important indicator of long-term success for a B2B SaaS company? 
  2. The 10 steps to measure whether you have product market fit – or not.
  3. Three of most important questions a B2B SaaS CEO needs to answer after finding product market fit.
  4. The three things to nail if you’re looking to attract investors for your SaaS business
  5. How to go about segmentation if there’s no market yet


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