Typical subjects of interest include:

  • How to start attracting more of the right customers
  • What to do about stalling growth after a period of initial success?
  • How to solve runway challenges without having to go the Funding route?
  • What to do to avoid deals from slipping, and increase win rates without having to compete on price?
  • How to create leverage across marketing, sales and product strategy

I’ll give you no-nonsense advice that you can put into action immediately. These are not generic “hand-wavy” principles; this is practical “do this next” instruction gained from my +30-years of experience and 100+ hours of coaching folks just like you.

You are welcome to record the call for future reference. Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a link to schedule a 60-minute appointment in my calendar. NOTE: You might want to block out an extra hour after the call in case we go long.

Sound good?