#236 - Sunny Han, CEO of Fulcrum on creating a generationally valuable company

A story about changing the way the supply chain can come together to get work done

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation to power a new generation of production. My guest is Sunny Han, CEO of Fulcrum.

sunny han

Sunny is a serial entrepreneur. He founded Imperis in 2010 and Co-founded Terran Logistics in 2012. He’s a prototype of a tech entrepreneur on a mission. He founded  Fulcrum in 2015, which he leads as their CEO to build a manufacturing platform for forward-thinking manufacturers.

Its mission: To deliver a connected future where frictionless manufacturing production and supply chains lead to faster and better product innovations.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Sunny to my podcast. We explore what supply chain should be about. Sunny shares his vision about the future of manufacturing, and how he’s planning to make that a reality. He shares his big lessons learned in creating something that’s 10x better and what that requires in terms of leadership, mindset, and structure. Lastly, he talks about what it means to create a generationally valuable software business.

Here is one of his quotes

“The grandiose vision is that there are problems that are getting more and more complicated as we advance as a civilization. We’re going to start yearning over time for higher and higher quality objects and things that we use. And that’s naturally going to drive a difference in how quickly we need to be able to react to those changes in the production lifecycle.”

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How to create breakthroughs in design and approach by taking a big-picture perspective of an industry.
  2. How to convince yourself that you have to do the hard work when looking for the easy answers is the path of least resistance.
  3. The power of creating an existential desire inside your business to build something that’s still useful to people when we’re dead.
  4. What happens when you make your sales process more exclusive

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