Surviving today & Thriving Post-Corona

A 3-part webinars series for Tech-entrepreneurs & Tech-leaders

We all have a choice

We can talk long or short about it: We’re in another crisis again. And as with every crisis: It hits us, often by surprise; it challenges us, often in new ways; and it redefines us, often in ways we could not imagine upfront.

How we get out of this is up to us. We can be a victim and paralyze or decide this is our opportunity to thrive and come out stronger. We all have a choice.

If your choice is to make a difference – this webinar series is for you.

We’re gathering tech-entrepreneurs from around the world to share their strategies and experiences to survive today and thrive post-Corona.

In three episodes we’ll do a deep dive into three levers you have at your disposal

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Part 1 - It’s all about delivering value

The Coronavirus has impacted the business of all our customers, but as always, some fare better than others.

In this panel dicussion 4 tech-entrepreneurs will discuss the art of offering something valuable and desirable and their strategies and experiences to stay sniper focused to maximize their impact

Part 2 - It’s all about momentum

Our ability to grow our software business is, possibly more than ever, dependent on hitting the right nerve. Making people stop, think, and act.

In panel discussion 3 tech-entrepreneurs will look at strategies on "How do you cut through the noise?" and "How do you create momentum, keep it going and grow it as we get out of this crisis?"

Part 3 - It’s all about your viability

As they say, ‘Never waste a good crisis’. The key question is: who’ll leapfrog and use this crisis to leverage the opportunity this creates? How do you not only survive today, but more importantly, how do you thrive post-Corona?

In this panel discussion 4 tech-entrepreneurs will share their strategies and experiences around exactly that question.