The cost of focusing on the wrong customers

“How important it is on who we are for, and possibly more important….who we are not for. When we started nine weeks ago with the first prompt, I took it to our leadership team, where we discussed it deeply.  Why? Because we, as the leadership team, influence this. It starts with us.  […]

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How seemingly subtle product strategy decisions can set you apart in a big way An interview with Surbhi Rathore, Co-Founder, and CEO of Symbl

We explore what’s broken in the way we communicate and collaborate digitally. We discuss what is required to capitalize on the potential of human intellect by making collaboration effortless. We also address the tough choices Surbhi made in not going with the flow – but instead taking a radically different approach to solving the big problem in the market. Last but not least we discuss what it takes to build a remarkable software business.  […]

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How clear positioning makes everything easier

Value Inspiration

Positioning: Why do we complicate things so much? Why do we talk ‘around’ the issues so often? There’s so much noise. And it appears we don’t even realize it – software companies of all sizes and maturity, from bootstrapped startups to big-brand-multi-nationals – we all seem to step into the same trap. So, it hasn’t got to do with money or access to talent. […]

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