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This man is a wealth of knowledge and experience and has an incredible way of pulling groups of professionals together to create a safe space for discussing obstacles and business problems in a way that encourages the group to help find solutions to assist each other.

A great mentor and wonderful personality.

– Stefan Maritz, Head of Marketing, Black Bear

Ton had a tremendous impact on the way I manage sales nowadays. Life-changing workshop and customer-centric.

– Carlos Vazquez de Castro Paya, Country Manager & Senior Account Exec at RoomRaccoon

Working with Ton inspired my team to think differently about our value messaging and talk more effectively about our portfolio.  His methodology and approach allowed us to realize the true potential of what we were selling in a way that opened our eyes to new possibilities and even new markets.  This was invaluable to our marketing efforts.

– Jeff Reser - Director, Product and Solution Marketing at SUSE

Ton facilitated an excellent workshop. He gave me the right questions to keep the focus on what is really important for me and my client in the projects. Which helps everyone involved extremely!

– Marc Michahelles, Key Account Manager Legal Tech solutions at Wolters Kluwer Deutschland

Have you ever wished you could put your business into one of those scanners they have at the airport to peek into your luggage? A way to see the inner workings of your company that sometimes seem to give it a life of its own.

Well, you have come to the right place. Ton can help you find what works and what doesn’t and will help you fix or nurture it, so you can take your company to the next level.

He is a no-bullshit kind of guy with infectious positive energy and unwavering dedication to his clients. He doesn’t just teach, coach, consult, and advice. He wholeheartedly cares to see his clients get unstuck, grow, and thrive.

I spent the second half of 2020 working with him on his content and enjoyed every single conversation. Ton works hard, he is thorough, honest, and inspiring to talk to. His experience and results speak for themselves.

If you are considering working with him or joining his exclusive community, do it. You will find a dedicated expert and genuinely great human.

– Antonia Baedt - Story consultant

Ton mentored me across a number of 1-2-1 sessions, helping me improve my abilities as a marketer. Every session I came away with plenty of knowledge, frameworks and the confidence to go and attack the task. Thanks, Ton!

– Stefan Cordery, Marketing Manager at Grip

My marketing mentoring sessions with Ton were extremely valuable. Ton was flexible on the topics I wished to cover and shared valuable insights, tips, resources and actionable exercises!

– Clara-Marie Eloy - Junior Marketing Manager at Grip

When you have been in a customer-facing sales role for any length of time you have been thru sales training. Most of which, typically prepare participants to sell products and services and drive business results. All good stuff. 

What they, more often than not, fail to do, is focus on the customer. And when the training does manage to be “customer focused” they fail to help salespeople present information in a provocative, persuasive and engaging way. 

I can say without a doubt that the process that I learned from Ton has taught me a way of thinking about the materials that I am presenting in a way that for me, has changed my career.

– Christopher Brewer - Strategic Industry architect at Unit4

It’s been amazing working with you – your enthusiasm has been toxic and I’m really pleased we got an opportunity to work together – we have now fully implemented both the finance and HR modules which is a big plus for us! Your inspiration and recognition of how organizations can adapt and change has been invaluable – everything is possible! and yes who knows if we get a chance again to work together then I’ll jump at the opportunity!

Keep me posted on how things progress – I’ll do the same!

– Sarndrah Horsfall - Executive Director at Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency

I’d recommend you for your amazing dedication and unique peer-learning approach. Each rare in itself and a power booster in combination.

– Chris Holscher - Startup Analyst Relations Specialist

Ton is an idea generator, a storyteller and someone who can make something great out of any situation. He was the epicenter of positive corporate culture.
I’ve worked with Ton for over 8 years at Unit4. He has been a key player in driving the business forward and ensuring, both internally and externally, that the value that Unit4 provided was clear and understandable. He worked with my teams in Sales, Sales Operations and Marketing to ensure that we had opportunities to learn and resources to grow in our understanding of all things Unit4. Ton made himself available any time to offer clarity on product, pricing or to brainstorm ideas on how to position Unit4 in any number of scenarios.

– Chad Grim, Director of Marketing, Unit4 North America

I find Ton’s sessions, book and weekly inspirations – just that Inspirational. I came away each time, full of thoughts, motivation, focus and a better perspective of redefining my approach to my working and personal life.

– Stevie Ressin

Ton Dobbe is a visionary leader, optimistic, and innovative thinker. As VP of Enterprise Accounting and Controller at Heifer International, I had the opportunity to benefit from Ton’s passion for innovation, his public communication skills and commitment to building a better world. I will always recommend Ton Dobbe to anyone who needs help from a visionary leader like Steve Jobs to solve a problem in a very innovative way.

– Jesus Pizarro, VP of Finance at Heifer International

Ton is one of the brightest professionals I have worked with in my professional career, his commitment to innovation, as well as the talent he has for turning user experiences into true added value in the roadmap of our products, is remarkable.

– Juan Antonio Fernández - CEO Ekon

I had the pleasure of working with Ton on various projects related to the future of enterprise software and I truly enjoyed every bit of it. I have always found Ton to be an excellent product evangelist and very capable of formulating the future need within the enterprise software space. Ton also got excellent skills when it comes to relaying complex problems in an easy and comprehensible way, allowing him to tell great stories that captivate the audience and create enthusiasm. This combined with his long experience working in the enterprise software space leaves him extremely credible. Ton is also a very hard-working person who keeps focus on the objective to the completion.

– Claus Jepsen, CTO at Unit4

Ton is one of those unique marketing experts that can distill a lot of customer, market and product information quickly and pinpoint immediate opportunities to refine your segmentation and strengthen your positioning.

– Nicole Kealey, VP Intelligent Enterprise Marketing SAP

Ton’s workshop was a great way of encouraging our sales team to think about opportunities from the perspective of our customers. Over the next few months, we’re looking forward to seeing Ton’s methods provoke our engineers to think more dynamically about how we can proactively solve our customers’ underlying challenges, and not just the needs they’re coming to us with. Thanks very much for facilitating this insightful session, Ton!

– David Coghill - Director, Cloud Specialists Solution Engineering at Salesforce

Ton has been a source of inspiration for me and his enthusiasm is contagious. He understands how to distill a topic and to tell the story his audience wants to hear. And he builds confidence and relationships with customers so that he gets down to the grit of their pain and the real-world outcomes they have achieved. He’s smart, enthusiastic, incredibly hard-working and definitely someone you want on your team.

– Emma Keates, Brand builder for Tech Companies at BaaS

You have been an inspiration for my entire team. Your product marketing knowledge combined with the fast understanding of our target market allowed us to reshape the product marketing vision and create the most inspired value proposition for the Company.

– Joaquim Santos - CEO eBankit

 If you are not wondering how to be memorable to your customer about your knowledge on their own business and tying it back to the value you and your solution brings on the table; then you are doing it all wrong. Ton and his workshop will help you disseminate his teachings and tricks in the best way possible. He makes it all human!

– Monisha Voonna - Lead Solution Engineer | Salesforce Marketing Cloud at Salesforce

High energy and high knowledge that’s Ton.

– Klaas Klunder, Marketing Manager DAD Division at Microsoft

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