"That's a huge statement"

This weekend I was watching a Dutch television program about transforming ordinary houses into dream places to live. At a given moment, the new kitchen was showcased – created of one of the same material. “That’s a huge statement,” the interviewer responded.

It was. It was a massive statement. It stood out in so many ways. That instant feeling of simplicity, quality, warmth,….

This is what fascinates me in my work: How to creates something that stands out from the pack. Something that’s remarkable – and for that reason desirable amongst the right people. Something they’re prepared to pay a premium for.

This example about a Kitchen might seem a far stretch if you think about business software. Still, it’s not. The same principles apply. We can opt to blend in – and try to survive in a volatile, highly competitive commodity market that operates on price-wars (that’s what the Kitchen-market is known for, right?) Or we opt to stand out to the right audience and win on our terms.

This means finding ways to hit the right nerves with the right people. And that starts by making a huge statement. So, what will your prospects experience on their first encounter with your company? What will their reaction be?  Will it be: “Wow, that’s a huge statement – we need to talk?”

Just imagine it was

It’s a massive opportunity – and it starts with recognizing it.