The courage to not do things

The courage to not do things

Value PropositionEarlier this week, on Tuesday morning, I publshied a new podcast episode with Jonathan Mall, CEO of Neuro-Flash. When I asked him ‘What do you believe is the secret to creating a remarkable software business?’ he answered this: ‘Having the courage to not do things.’

So powerful, so true and so well-articulated. Isn’t it strange many people need the courage to actually do things? This is exactly the opposite – but possibly even harder, but more impactful.

What Jonathan eluded to is the art to stay true to the vision. Jonathan is heading up a business that was founded around the big idea to give marketers groundbreaking insights and instant results. That’s their north-star and this gives them the laser focus to stay on track and deliver upon that vision. Sure, like any other business software company there will be many ideas they could also do – but very often it becomes more distracting than a value driver.

Many CEOs on my podcast have talked about this ‘magic thing’ of focus and how hard it is to stay on the path. I mean – what if there’s a founding customers that offers to pay dearly for a number of features (only) they want? What if there’s this massive contract that will make your Q4 target that has just those three or four extra contractual items embedded? What if one of your investors keeps coming back on that ‘hobby horse’ that should change your momentum? Or what about your partner that is convinced that ‘if you’d make a couple of changes, your solution would perfectly fit creative designers as well, and not just marketers?

The courage to not do things. It’s indeed about courage. It’s about the believe that you’re on to something that, ultimately, will make the difference. The change you seek to make for your ideal customers will be something that will reshape how work or even business is done. And even though it’s not there yet – even though it’s not proven yet – you stick to the plan and have the courage to say ‘no’.

In my book ‘The Remarkable Effect’ I’ve focused a full chapter on this trait of focusing on the essence. Doing this consequently will make you resourceful – and that will provide you the fuel to deliver upon your promise and always stay a step ahead of the rest. It’s an essential ingredient to unleash the remarkable effect inside your software business.

So question to you: What are you going to ‘not do’ today? Do you have the courage?

PS: If this keeps you thinking – the Remarkable Effect Tribe might be right for you and your software business. You’d be surrounded by tech-entrepreneurs like you – that are on a mission to do something big and meaningful too. With similar ambitions, and similar challenges to overcome.