The damage we create by talking only about 'us'

Earlier this week, I received an email from Inside AI, which triggered me to visit a couple of websites from B2B SaaS vendors.

It struck me how often sentences start with ‘We ….this’, ‘[Name company]…that’. “Our solution offers…”

Now I get how this – we have to explain what we do, sure.
But think about it: who’s your website for? And what is it for?
It’s to spark a conversation.
It’s to create a desire for what you have to offer, agree?

Now, let’s turn this into a personal situation. If you go to a party of someone you know – and the people you talk to only brag about themselves – what’s your impression?
It turns you off – and the same is happening on our websites, with our marketing messages, in the sales meetings we have every day- every hour.

Just imagine the damage that does.
The question is: How do you shift this?

  • What if we’d replace all the ‘we’ on our website/communication/sales pitches with ‘you’?
  • What if, instead of saying ‘we’re the [biggest/best/fastest growing/most awarded/..] change it to how our solutions help our customers become the [biggest/best/fastest growing/most awarded/..]
  • What if, instead of bragging about the things only we care about, we start talking about the things our customers care most about?
  • What if instead of creating testimonials where we push our customers to talk about how good they believe you are – we’d let our customers talk about how good they’ve become and what that feels like.
  • Wouldn’t that be much more inspiring and valuable?

The moment you shift your attention from you to them, the dynamic shifts.

  • It’s about the transformation you put in motion for your customer.
  • It’s about how you help them become what they aspire and help them achieve what they deeply care about.
  • It’s not about the features or the product.
  • It’s about the idea you plant in their head about how they can move from ”what is’ today to ‘what can be’ tomorrow.

Remarkable software companies sell the idea – not the product.