The difference between being different and creating a difference

Value PropositionThe term USP (Unique Selling Point) in marketing is common – it’s been used for decades. But what’s striking about it is that too often we use it to describe our advantage over the competition: “Don’t buy them, buy us, because this is what makes us different [compared to them].” The question is: Who cares?

Think about yourself – when you about to buy something, do you look at your options  and pick the one that looks and feels different compared to the others?

Well – it depends. You’ll likely pick the one that creates a valuable difference to you.

So why are we so obsessed making the comparison to the competition? What if we’d instead focus our time and efforts on clarifying the difference our software product will make for our customers? What if we’d tell stories about customers using our products and how that sets them apart? Wouldn’t that be much more fun, much more relevant, and much harder to beat by your competition?

So, question to you: How’s your software product helping your ideal customer in creating a meaningful difference for their business or customers?

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Ton Dobbe is a former B2B software product marketer who's on a mission to save mission-driven SaaS CEOs from the stress of 'not enough' traction. He's the author of The Remarkable Effect, the host of the Tech-Entrepreneur on a Mission podcast, and writes a daily newsletter on the secrets to mastering predictable traction.