The Importance of Creating a Value Proposition

The Importance of Creating a Value Proposition

We know that every company needs a value proposition. But why are these statements so important?

  1. Increase sales: Value propositions help companies increase sales. In fact, a study showed that value propositions can increase conversions up to 90 percent. That’s a huge increase in MRR and ARR for SaaS companies, and it can help make the difference between financial success and failure.
  2. Differentiation: In addition to increasing conversions, value propositions help differentiate you from the alternatives your customers have i.e. your ‘competitors’ in the SaaS market you operate in. This can help you build a niche for your particular business software company brand and strengthen your reputation.
  3. Alignment: Finally, you don’t just create value propositions to benefit potential customers. You also use them as the ‘selling point’ to help align another target audience: your own organization.
    A compelling Value proposition is clear, easy-to-understand and easy-to-reference statements that your employees can look at to familiarize themselves with your company’s mission and unique selling proposition.
    This can help shape a strong organizational culture within your SaaS Startup/Scaleup, make everyone feel like they’re working together toward a common goal, and grow the resilience and resourcefulness of your business.

What to get right before you build your SaaS value proposition?

The easiest way. Simply book a free call to explore if there’s a fit to do this together.

Otherwise – here are 5 other options