The momentum that unlocks when multiple forces join

Value PropositionAbout 1.5 weeks ago the east coast of Spain was subject to the heaviest storms in the past 13 years. Since I am a big surf fan we drove to the boulevard here in Javea before lunch to see how the swell was developing. The wind was picking up, the temperature chilly, but there were still many surfers out at Arenal beach enjoying a 1.5m shore break.

The coming hours everything changed. The wind picked up, the rain arrived and the world seemed a different place. It was boiling. Within just 3 hours the waves had risen from the chill 1.5 meters at lunch to monsters of 5-6 meters. And bigger was coming.

It showed extremely well what momentum can be created when multiple forces join: The direction of the wind, the groundswell, the force of the wind, the local structure of rocks underneath the water. Everything counted. Everything added to the effect.

It’s the same in business. And that’s the challenge…. And the opportunity.

You can have the best people, product, plan, message, and customer base – the moment you don’t find ways to make multiple forces join, momentum stays out. I actually believe we’re often doing the exact things that prevents momentum: Rather than orchestrating momentum to pick up – we create siloed behavior and conflicting measures. So what if we’d start there….

There are many opportunities to orchestrate momentum though. It’s a matter of seeing it. Here are just five examples that came to mind with a simple brainstorm:

  1. How aligned are your product, marketing, and sales department? Do they have shared measures? What if they would?
  2. What are new trends that brings opportunity or thread to your customers ? What specific feature could help them make a difference on that right now?
  3. What priority on your roadmap could you tweak in such a way it would get your users to talk about it to their peers? Do just like Voicea did with their product, thereby boosting their virality factor.
  4. How can you challenge the status quo and do, create or develop something that’s the opposite of the norm. Think like Senzing – they made their Entity Relation Management suite ‘dissolve under your tongue’, where competitors need implementation cycles of months. The result: it has become a magnet for new business (without any marketing). In 2019 their ARR grew 500%.
  5. Is there any way you can create a no-brainer offer for your customer (and unbeatable differentiation in the slipstream) by blending the forces of product and business model? Leadcrunch is growing 20% per month because of it.

The key take away: We underestimate the power of orchestrating momentum. So what can you do the coming week to make this your advantage?

Ps: You’re not alone having this challenge. If you value to be surrounded with peers – tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission that think and act like you – that can help you challenge your assumptions and give generous feedback – I invite you to join the Remarkable Effect Tribe.

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