The power behind rating your very own business software company.

RemarkableLast week I did a keynote and workshop with around 25 tech-entrepreneurs at Servoy World in Amsterdam. The core theme: The Future is Bright. Yes it is, but it all obviously all depends what you do with it. So, in order to get a meaningful discussion going I focused my keynote around five basic but critical questions every tech-entrepreneur should ask themselves and score themselves on.

The result struck me: Less than 10% positioned themselves in the top-range (scoring themselves an 8 or higher). This means there’s money left on the table, opportunity, but obviously also threat.

Where do you stand?

Let me start by sharing the five questions:

  1. What’s your ability to own the big idea in your category
  2. What’s your ability to attract an audience that’s prepared to pay a premium
  3. What’s your ability to turn customers into fans
  4. How difficult will it be for your competitors to match you in delivering your unique value
  5. What’s your ability to stay relevant in your category

And the assignment was to rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10.

So, while you are reading this – how do you score, and how does that make you feel?

The workshop and following panel discussion revealed some interesting insights as we worked towards answering the question: What would it take to take your current score from where you are now to a clear ‘10’. What stands in the way? What would have to be true? How do you get started to move the needle?

What if you’d be surrounded by like-minded peers?

What came out were some open doors but also a range of new realizations simply from having the discussion with ‘like-minded peers’ which proved very beneficial. That shows the power of ‘the community’. At the end it’s often lonely at the top and being part of a group of people on a similar journey can be extremely valuable.

One thing that stuck out was the conclusion: “We should challenge ourselves more regularly around these questions. Day-to-day business is typically taking up all our energy, and it’s making us complacent to what’s really important.”

Is this about starting a simple habit?

Revelations like this fire up my desire to do something about this and start a global movement – a movement centered around creating a new habit that reminds us regularly about the change we seek to make – and what it takes to be remarkable in doing so.

So, I am very eager to hear your views on how realistic something like “Remarkable Monday” would be: A weekly 10-minute challenge for everybody in your company to make them reflect what they could do that day to contribute in making your company stand-out in your category.

Let me know your thoughts

Where do you really stand?

And before I forget: The critical questions. The five I mentioned above are just a selection of a larger pack that I’ve developed around the 10 traits of a Remarkable software business. If you want to do a 360 assessment to see where you stand, try out the Remarkable index.