The problem is not the problem

The problem is not the problem

Value PropositionA common challenge I see many B2B SaaS companies struggle with is this:

The “problems” we think we address in marketing and sales are far from the actual problem.

There are 100s of examples

  • ‘You’re not in control.’
  • ‘You’re not efficient enough.’
  • ‘You haven’t got enough insights’
  • ‘You’re too busy with administrative tasks’
  • ‘You don’t have access to real-time data.’
  • ‘You’re not able to be pro-active.’
  • And so on….

The actual problem here is that we’re touching the surface. 

We’re possibly hitting the cause of a problem – but not the problem itself

The real problem only reveals when you dig deeper: The outcomes that a company/person will miss due to this.

Increased cost levels or unnecessary waste

A significant drop in profitability

Fines for non-compliance

Reputational damage

An increased loss of business or missed sales targets

It’s all about making it super specific – or concrete.

The benefit of doing this is plentiful:

  • We’ll instantly hit the right nerve with our essential buyer
  • We’ll build trust because we ‘get them.’
  • We’ll close more business – at higher deal-values.

One trick I have used for years to prevent staying vague is this: Start with the simple words “The inability to … [then name the obligation towards/ expectation from the business that needs to be met]. 

As you will see, the first examples will not fit no matter how hard you try. 

Question – what vendors inspire you who get this like no one else?