Tips for Tech CEOs to grow their business in uncertain times – Part 2: Sniper focused positioning

Tips for Tech CEOs to grow their business in uncertain times – Part 2: Sniper focused positioning

Value PropositionThis is the second in a series of short inspirations to help tech-entrepreneurs weather the uncertain times and come out stronger as a consequence. Part one was about Sniper focused segmentation

Being crystal clear about who you are ideal for (now), and who you are not so ideal for (anymore) isn’t going to be enough. It’s the starting point and a critical one: it will help you eliminate wasting valuable efforts of your team that will lead to nothing. 

Knowing ‘who you are ideally for (now)’ gives you the confidence where to focus your efforts and make the most significant impact. The next thing is to explain how you’re going to make that impact. You’re looking for that sweet spot that will resonate with your ideal customer and create enough tension for them to act with priority.   

What complicates things is this change I have seen happening over the past weeks. The anxiety around the Coronavirus has changed how we perceive communication. Certain messages just don’t ‘fit’ anymore. What attracted prospects last week, turns them away today. Many messages are misplaced. And besides that, we’re overwhelmed and have become numb for too obvious, generic messages, and vague promises. 

So, how to go about it? Here’s what is working for me all the time. From your efforts to get your segmentation sniper focused you’ve arrived at three things:

  1. A targeted list of customer characteristics (demographics/psychographics) where you have the most significant opportunity to make a remarkable impact
  2. A list of shifted priorities by which these organizations run their business today 
  3. A list of new and old challenges (roadblocks I’d like to call them) that have become more urgent to overcome for your key decision-makers

That’s your ammunition to work with to create a compelling event.

The next thing is to use a straightforward framework (which I’m using extensively throughout my book ‘The Remarkable Effect’) to analyze all your options. Rank them on a scale of 1 to 5 (one being least valuable, five being most valuable):

  • How valuable is each respective roadblock compared to the others from the perspective of your ideal customer 
  • How urgent/critical is each respective roadblock compared to the others from the perspective of your ideal customer?
  • What’s your ability to exceed expectations in removing each roadblock with your solution/service from the perspective of your ideal customer? 

Finally, multiply the three outcomes for each of the roadblocks on your list. 

What you’ll see is that, from you initially long list, one or two roadblocks will have risen to the surface. These are your essential ingredients to favorably position your solution to a highly targeted set of customers and help them make a remarkable impact in a market that’s turned on its head by the Coronavirus. 

Combining all ingredients will allow you to hit the right nerve, get the right people to sit up and pay attention – and with that create the right level of tension to get them to act—more on that in part 3.

On another note: Together, we are stronger – that’s why I established the Remarkable Effect tribe for Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-mission. If you are such a tech-entrepreneur, on a journey to do something big and meaningful: you’re invited. Find your peers, accelerate your journey, be part of something larger than yourself, and weather the storm together: