Traction Advisory

An advisory program to optimally leverage what makes your remarkable and become immune for the next growth plateau

Tune every aspect around what makes you remarkable

A quarterly advisory retainer program to align and tune every aspect of your organization around what makes you remarkable to become immune for the next growth plateau.

Together we’ll decide (per quarter) on the areas that will have the biggest impact on accelerating your growth and I’ll guide you/your team to execute with the biggest impact:

1) Optimizing your product strategy & roadmap with your Value Foundation
2) Leveraging new pricing strategies
3) Verticalization & Product packaging
4) Ecosystem growth opportunities
5) Content Strategy & Marketing/Sales campaigns

Your investment per quarter: depending scope – minimum €15.000,-

Note: This retainer is only available to startups who have gone through The Positioning Workshop, and is limited to a maximum of three companies at a time.

Ready to start? Here's what happens next:

Step 1: Schedule a Value Exploration call

Find a 30-minute slot in my agenda that fits your agenda best. It's complementary and 100% focused on understanding the problem you aim to solve

Step 2: Identify the best solution together

We'll explore your challenges in fast-tracking the growth of your software business - and what success strategy would fit best to address them.

Step 3: Enjoy a flying start

Assuming I can help you - you'll receive a detailed offer. Once you sign the contract, I'll help you onboard your team so we can start with impact.