Traction Foundation

Together we'll fix the 3 pillars that hold you back from becoming the SaaS business the world talks about

Are you struggling with any of these challenges?

Puzzled how to attract enough quality leads?

Does it feel your sales team is wasting time on deals that seem to never close?

Stalling growth after a period of initial success?

Do you get the impression the initial traction you had is fading out?

Stressed meeting growth expectations?

Do you feel every quarter it feels harder to meet target?

The answer: The Value Foundation

The Value Foundation is about three things:  Revealing the true value behind your SaaS business, who’ll benefit most from this value, and providing a framework to tell your best story so people instantly ‘get’ your value.

It’s is about closing the gap (test yourself here) around the first three out of ten traits that define a remarkable saas business:

1) You can’t please everyone (Who are you for, who are you not for?)
2) Offer something valuable and desirable.
3) Be different; not just better.

The result:

1) End the stress of ‘not enough traction’
2) Become immune to growth plateaus
3) Achieve benchmark gross margin

4 weeks to become a different SaaS business

A 12-steps guided virtual program to establish your value foundation to start thinking bigger about your SaaS business.

The program follows a Sprint cadence: A prompt to crowd-source your answers from your team, followed by a virtual 1.5-hour workshop – four days of the week, three weeks in a row.

The deliverables – a detailed deck with:
1) Crystal clear segmentation and laser-sharp positioning,
2) A value proposition that stands out
3) An interactive sales pitch to drive the conversation
4) A messaging framework to steer campaigns and reposition your business
5) A solution vision map to drive alignment across marketing, development, and sales

Your investment: €25.000,-

Ready to start? Here's what happens next:

Step 1: Schedule a Value Exploration call

Find a 30-minute slot in my agenda that fits your agenda best. It's complementary and 100% focused on understanding the problem you aim to solve

Step 2: Identify the best solution together

We'll explore your challenges in fast-tracking the growth of your software business - and what success strategy would fit best to address them.

Step 3: Enjoy a flying start

Assuming I can help you - you'll receive a detailed offer. Once you sign the contract, I'll help you onboard your team so we can start with impact.