Traction Momentum

A workshop program to transform Feature sellers into Value Communicators

Does any of the following challenges sound familiar?

Critical deals keep slipping

It feels impossible to shorten the deal cycle. Prospects remain indecisive and don't show any urgency to buy.

Must win deals are lost too often

You're pulling your hair out why deals that are just 'made for you' keep being lost to mediocre competitors.

Competing on price feels like your only weapon

It feels like the only way to win a deal is by giving a big discount. Few customers seem prepared to pay list-price.

The answer: the Value Selling Workshop

The Value Selling Workshop is about three things:

1) Ensure every sales exec develops the sensors to qualify out as soon as possible
2) Empower each sales exec with the confidence to claim pole position in the first meeting
2) Grow the confidence of every sales exec to comfortably communicate what makes you remarkable

The result:

1) Significantly shorten the deal cycle of the deals you should win
2) Easily double your win rates
3) Grow the dealsize of every deal (and even raise your price)

Imagine 2x your win rates at 42% higher deal value...

A 10-steps guided virtual program to transform your sales team from feature sellers to value communicators.

The program follows a weekly cadence: A prompt to challenge their thinking. A generous feedback round. And a virtual 1.5-hour workshop (first 9 weeks).

They’ll learn:
1) How to discover what really drives your ideal customers
2) How to get to the core of their problem
3) How to connect the big picture and create a sense of urgency
4) How to uniquely position themselves and lead the shortlist in the right deals
5) How to tune their pitch, demo, and final offer to win the deal

Minimum: €10.000,- The minimum group is 5 Sales Execs (program incl. 3 month reinforcement period (mentoring))

Ready to start? Here's what happens next:

Step 1: Schedule a Value Exploration call

Find a 30-minute slot in my agenda that fits your agenda best. It's complementary and 100% focused on understanding the problem you aim to solve.

Step 2: Identify the best solution together

We'll explore your challenges in fast-tracking the growth of your software business - and what success strategy would fit best to address them

Step 3: Enjoy a flying start

Assuming I can help you - you'll receive a detailed offer. Once you sign the contract, I'll help you onboard your team so we can start with impact.