Value Proposition Reimagined

Obtain a message that simply resonates

Take the 1st step become remarkable (again)  

Get some fresh ideas

Do your prospects struggle with your message?

Is explaining how you differentiate complicated?
Are you struggling to communicate your value in a simple way?
Do you experience decreasing win-rates, and increasing discount levels?
You're not alone - and here's where I can be your guide.

The plan to transform:

Based on my +25 year product marketing experience in the business software industry I have a developed an approach to inspire a compelling value proposition for your company, saas product or platform.

This reveals the following:

  • A crystal clear view of market trends and market pressures
  • Buyer visions and associated business goals
  • Customer viewpoints on roadblocks towards success and risks of doing nothing
  • Clarity on competition and the accent they put on positioning 
  • A fresh view of your core differentiators and how they drive remarkable value
Value Proposition

The outcomes

A compelling Value Proposition

Revealing the unique value your company, product or platform in a simple way

Deep insights

To shape your sales- and marketing strategy.

Credible proof points

To drive action and create a sense of urgency.

Take the 1st step become remarkable (again)  

Get some fresh ideas