Value you can't get from subordinates, only from peers.

Product InnovationNavigating the future of your business software company is both fun and complex. It’s often a journey without a map because you’re on a mission to make change happen – transform the way business is done. And as such – you have to plot that map yourself.

Various guests on my podcast, as well as many members of my tribe, have articulated the importance of being surrounded by a strong team. A team of linchpins – people that get things done, make a difference, and together deliver more than the sum of its components. Having such a team makes it easier to navigate the journey to success.

But somehow having a brilliant team is not enough. Too often, you and your team are too close to the problem. It’s hard to see things in an unbiased way. And that can be dangerous. I think we all know the effects of telling ourselves stories, ‘we’re doing fine.’ But are we? Do we have a culture where everybody dares to speak up? And if so, do they? Are the right things being said? Is everyone in your team critical enough? Are you sure you don’t have any blind spots? Is that growth projection correct to your true potential?

You probably will never know, until you get a different perspective. The question is whether you’ll ever get that from subordinates. So where do you go? Is having a Tech-CEO coach or mentor enough? Is it enough to have a coffee with people in your network once and a while? As they say, ‘It’s lonely at the top’….

This is why we created a special tribe. A tribe where tech-entrepreneurs who are on a mission to create something significant and meaningful can level up with peers that think and act alike. A safe place where brain-trust is built – where you can be vulnerable, express your challenges, be understood, and get generous feedback. A place where your assumptions are challenged, where blind spots will be removed, and where you are encouraged to explore new paths. A place where you are helped to achieve breakthroughs in your thinking, the actions you take, and the momentum you create.

Jon Ruby, CEO of Jonar, perfectly summarized his experience: “Regularly engaging in generous feedback, both giving and getting, with a group of diverse but uniformly smart peers has been invaluable. I have gotten help in making very actionable decisions. You can’t get that from subordinates, only peers.”

Consider joining the tribe