#306 - Vinnie Mirchandani, CEO Deal Architect - on seizing emerging opportunities.

An exploration on how to navigate the complexities of the market and build a resilient SaaS business.

This podcast outlines key strategies for SaaS CEOs to explore in 2024 to optimally prepare for 2025. My guest is Vinnie Mirchandani, Founder of Deal Architect. 

Vinnie Mirchandani - resilience 2024Vinnie has become a regular guest on my podcast. This is the fourth time over the past 7 seasons. He’s the founder of Deal Architect – a Technology strategy and negotiation firm, a former Gartner analyst, and the author of Silicon Collar, SAP Nation, The New Polymath, and The New Technology Elite – which emphasize technology-enabled innovation using lots of case studies and use cases across industries and countries 

He’s also the prime interviewer/curator of thought leadership books for C-level executives at technology vendors SAP, Software AG, and IFS 

In this podcast, we explore the evolving landscape of SaaS businesses together. We delve into the future of SaaS for 2024, discussing optimistic and rational viewpoints on market trends, highlighting the most important metrics to give extra focus, and discussing the shift towards customer-centric revenue models over traditional funding avenues. 

We also address the untapped potential of generative AI and operational automation to enhance productivity and innovation in the B2B SaaS space. Furthermore, we explore what muscles to build to stay relevant in this rapidly changing and evolving market of Software as a Service. 

Here’s one of Vinnie’s quotes

Investors are sometimes fashion-driven. They follow what their colleagues tell them is predictable. So you don’t often get the best advice by listening to investors. You have to go to the edge of the enterprise, to the remote parts of the world, sometimes to find opportunities.

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. Why creating Funding freedom is essential for long-term SaaS success.
  2. Which metrics to embrace to keep your SaaS business healthy as customer expectations evolve.
  3. What routes to consider to access new technologies and markets with more speed.
  4. Where to focus to seize growth opportunities beyond traditional markets


For more information about the guest from this week:


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