Wake your employees and clients up at 3 AM. Can they repeat your brand message?

Value PropositionI’m going to guess: Probably not.

That’s a missed opportunity. 

As the saying goes: Ideas that are repeated change the world.

The big question: How?

It’s true, big ideas catch you, but that’s not enough. The best ones are sticky and sharable.

And that’s precisely where many software companies struggle. It showed during my CEO Mastermind last week where we focused on exactly this challenge.

50% of the ‘big ideas’ shared were about ‘democratizing’: Democratizing research, Democratizing ERP, Democratizing Agrifood, etc.

Although that might seem big, and simple – it’s not sticky or sharable.

The issue is: the formulation is ‘inside out.’ It represents what you do, not why your customers should care.

The question to ask is, “What will your customer achieve/become as a consequence of your solution?

The next thing: Simplify. Take out jargon and buzzwords so that a 6-year old will understand.

Lastly: Make it intriguing. Intrigue arouses curiosity and interest – it will make people ask: ‘Tell me more!’

You’re much closer now to having a strong conversation starter, something that will make you instantly referable.

So, what makes your software business instantly referable?

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Ton Dobbe is a former B2B software product marketer who's on a mission to save mission-driven SaaS CEOs from the stress of 'not enough' traction. He's the author of The Remarkable Effect, the host of the Tech-Entrepreneur on a Mission podcast, and writes a daily newsletter on the secrets to mastering predictable traction.