"We're doing great...."

How often do you hear this when you ask people: “How’s business?”
I heard it 4 times at least this week. It’s almost the default thing people respond with.

And I think you agree with me that pretty often the situation is different – and we’re avoiding an important discussion.

It reminded me of a CEO mastermind some weeks ago. One of the CEOs claimed the hot-seat and shared his story.

It was like listening to a serenade…
Great customers, remarkable product, unbelievable ROI, everyone referenceable – there was no end…

“Can I stop you here?” a peer CEO interrupted, “this felt like a lot of nice PR stuff that you get to investors….but what’s really happening?”

It takes a question like this to truly open the kimono and uncover the blindspots. It totally changed the conversation.

So common..
Isn’t it odd how our natural mode in sharing how we are doing is to hide and pretend everything is sunshine?

What if we’d open up and be more vulnerable?
Wouldn’t the reaction be a generous willingness to help?

We’re all making mistakes – we’re human!
We’re all innovating – doing things never done before
There is no map – so why hold up illusions we’re invincible?

Every day I ask myself the question: Where am I hiding? Reflecting on this is so refreshing.

It’s in revealing our weak spots where growth happens.

So, where are you hiding? And more importantly – how do you prevent it?


Ps – If you believe the CEO Mastermind could be the thing you need in 2022, here’s all the insight to see what it’s about

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