What are you for and what are you against?

What are you for and what are you against?

Value PropositionWhen Salesforce launched around the year 2000 it was pretty clear what they were for and what they were against. The ‘No software’ sign said it all. There was no guessing what they meant and what they stood for. 

We all know what happened next. The sign got instantly recognized around the world and attracted a group of firm believers. It helped create momentum. Big momentum.

What salesforce did had nothing to do with the actual product they shipped. The sign doesn’t even mention CRM. It wasn’t about bashing their direct competitors either. It was about something much bigger. It was about taking a standpoint against all the negatives of a complete category: on-premise software. On-premise software was the villain. By making crystal clear what they were against, told the story what they were for. And that got noticed.

What’s so typical in the business software industry is that we all try to fit in. Hardly any company dares to take a standpoint that’s black and white. We fear to be excluded. But the problem this creates is that often we’re not even invited – and once we are, we have to battle with 10 others to win the deal. That’s tough, costly and requires having a long breath.

Far more often than not, people decide with their heart, not with their head. Sure, you need to do have your ducks in a row and offer a software solution that solves the problem. But that only gets you into the door. From that moment winning is about connection, the click, the shared believes. When like-minded people are in the same room there’s energy. Why? They care about the same thing. They have the same passion. They are ‘for’ the same thing.

So question to you: When it comes to the essence of your business –  what do you believe in? What are you for, and what are you against? What if you’d be crystal clear about that.

If this keeps you thinking – the Remarkable Effect Tribe might be something that’s right for you. It’s designed for Tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission. Like-minded people that realize that telling the right story to right people will spark the catalytic effect they are aiming for.