What are your targeted investments in your customers’ future value?

What are your targeted investments in your customers’ future value?

Value PropositionThrough the tribe I am establishing, I speak with a lot of tech-entrepreneurs every week around the magic that happens when you deliver solutions people find worth making a remark about. 

When that occurs, magic happens: Somehow, you’ve exceeded someone’s expectations; you’ve created meaningful value, and this sparks positive energy that makes people mention it to others i.e., spread the word for you because they want to.

This is what gets us out of bed every day, right? Correct. However, one of the biggest traps I continue to see amongst many business software companies is the syndrome of investing in ‘technology in search of a problem.’ Somehow, it’s too easy to lose sight of why we are doing what we are doing and whom we are trying to help with it. Just because we believe a new feature is cool, doesn’t mean our customers think alike.

Delivering new capabilities (small or large) take off when they meet a critical customer’s test. And basically, your customer has three straightforward measures: 

a) Are you offering something valuable to them?

b) Is it critical on their list (this creates urgency), and 

c) are you solving it in a way that exceeds their expectations compared to the alternatives they have (this where desire kicks on)? 

If they answer all three questions with a firm ‘yes!’ then you are onto something. If they believe their value will increase, they’ll bite. In fact, they’d likely be happy to pay you a premium as well. That’s win/win, right? 

So, what if you’d review your product roadmap for the next sprints answering this question: What on this list contributes most to our customers’ future value? 

What should you take out (and become more resourceful as a whole to create an even more significant impact)? 

And for the bits, you keep: What if you’d have the difficult discussion about the three critical questions before you start coding?