What builds trust in B2B Sales, and what kills it?

What builds trust in B2B Sales, and what kills it?

One of the things that kept me thinking over the past days was a discussion we had last week in a Sales Pitch Battle workshop I led.
It all began after seeing the 3rd pitch. One of the participants gave the following feedback to her colleague: “You came across as trustworthy.”

She was right. The trust was heartfelt.
We never say this to people – but feel it when it’s there (or not)
Trust is a critical component for success.
Without it, you better qualify out since the chances of winning are slim.

But what creates trust?Β What we arrived at was this:
πŸ‘‰ Being Human
πŸ‘‰ Making it about them
πŸ‘‰ Being “one of them.”
πŸ‘‰ Knowing your stuff – coming across as confident
πŸ‘‰ Being concrete
πŸ‘‰ Show empathy – care – acknowledge the “other” person

We realized it has nothing to do with how good your product is or how famous your company is. These are all table-stakes. You’ll always need to meet specific essential criteria – it’s what happens beyond that, that matters.

Creating trust is about walking the fine line. You can quickly lose it.
We lose trust and credibility if we:
❌. Go high-over – and are being too vague
❌. Come across as insecure or (the other side) overconfident
❌. Make things overly complicated – hard to follow
❌. Brag about ourselves

A lot about this is about paying attention. It’s about showing up as a human. But what I’ve seen as similarly essential is to help our teams feel empowered.

That’s where your value foundation comes in, a framework that spells out the core of the problem(s) you solve and the essence of how you help your customers make a difference, backed up with evidence.

So back to the core question: What thought are your prospects left with after one of your sales execs has visited them?

Is it a feeling of genuine trust? What if not?