What makes your software business "Uncommon"?

Value PropositionThere are too many average software products and companies – don’t you agree? Open a webpage randomly of similar products – from the strong brands and the lesser-known vendors  – then hide the logo and try telling which vendor you are dealing with. Impossible. Everybody seems to sound and feel the same – whether on purpose or not.

But why? Are we too afraid to exclude prospective customers? Are we unable to articulate what sets us apart?

Common is costly

The fact is, being average is costly. Just think of the cost of competing for attention with ‘the other’ average vendors. Think of the unnecessary long sales cycles. Think of the excessive discounts you need to give. Think of the loyalty challenges with those customers that appear not to be the right fit after all. Why are we playing it ‘safe’ within the barriers of ‘average’? As Seth Godin wisely stated: The biggest risk is to be safe.

Be uncommon – Be proud

The positive note here – it’s pretty easy to fix. To stand out is to find that thing that makes us ‘uncommon.’ And this should not have a negative connotation. On the contrary – it’s something you should be proud of.

It’s about articulating how you are uncommonly valuable to your customers: Uncommonly fast, reliable, simple, effective, knowledgeable, flexible, etcetera

Uncommon is what people pay a premium for.

Uncommon is that capability that enables them to create their competitive advantage.

Uncommon is what helps set them apart – stand out – or yes, uncommon.

Get out of your comfort zone

So what if you, for once, step away from the technology babble. Step away from promoting those unique AI-infused product features, or your robust cloud platform, or leading scalability.

Think about the most significant problem your ideal customer has to deal with every day – the pain points that’s most valuable and critical to solving.

Then think how you exceed their expectations solving this problem in an uncommon way and craft your value proposition. Then see what happens. Something uncommon likely.

Uncommon things will happen

Your ideal client will likely start finding you (instead of you searching for them). Your sales cycles will likely shorten. You will start winning more deals – with the perfect customer. And the request for discounts will probably go away. Your business will land better results on the back of this and you’re well on your way to become a memorable brand.

Isn’t that something we all aspire to?

So the call to action: if you’d had to articulate in one word what makes your software business “Uncommon” – what would it be?

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Ton Dobbe is a former B2B software product marketer who's on a mission to save mission-driven SaaS CEOs from the stress of 'not enough' traction. He's the author of The Remarkable Effect, the host of the Tech-Entrepreneur on a Mission podcast, and writes a daily newsletter on the secrets to mastering predictable traction.