#29 - What we can learn from China with regards to creating a culture of innovation

An interview with about entrepreneurship, innovation, and competitiveness with Lisa Xiong, Senior Research Associate at Ecole Des Ponts Business School

innovationMy guest on the podcast is this week is Lisa Xiong, Senior Research Associate at the Center for Policy & Competitiveness at Ecole Des Ponts Business School in Paris. Her research domain is Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Competitiveness, and at this moment she’s working on a comparative study between European companies and culture with Chinese Companies and culture.

This triggered me, and hence I invited Lisa to my podcast. We’re exploring the differences between China and the ‘western world’ with regards to the approach towards the topics mentioned. We discuss what China is doing differently to speed up innovation, how they successfully encourage people to start their own business rather than take a ‘wait and see’ approach when they are automated out of a process, and how this could turn out into a very beneficial cultural difference to prevent us from getting a ‘Universal Basic Income’

Here are some quotes from Lisa:

What we see now is that China definitely has taken a different approach than traditional American approach or a little bit conservative European approach

If we play the game according to someone else rules, one way or another it’s difficult to catch up.

I would like to focus on three keywords when I’m explaining this. One is innovation, the second one is entrepreneurship, and the third one which would be the leading result of competitiveness as a nation.

What I see in China is that in 2015, we create called mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation initiative or campaign by our premier, Mr. Li Keqjang

The whole culture of being innovative and entrepreneurial is out there.

… because we’re latecomers, therefore we can shortcuts. We don’t have to go through those obstacles and difficulties.

By listening to this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. How you can protect innovation in downturns by creating ‘an invisible protection shelter’
  2. Why investing in incubator programs fuelled with students are great ways to accelerate innovation
  3. That motivating and recognizing people are critical and very effective tools to scale success.


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