What's next?

Value PropositionLooking at the past eight weeks is like looking at a time-lapse movie. What used to take years to change, now changed in a fortnight – for our customers, our suppliers, us, everyone. It’s not over, but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore the question many of us ponder with is: What’s next?

One thing we have all come to realize is that what was normal eight weeks ago, isn’t normal anymore. This represents a massive opportunity. An opportunity to contribute in new ways, to surprise and do the things our customers, partners and employees find worth making a remark about. It’s a choice, though, whether we take that opportunity.

It’s easy to say, ‘We’re exhausted. It’s been enough for a while’. Once this is over, we finally can go back to normal again. The question is whether what everybody wanted eight weeks ago (‘the normal’), is what they still wish to tomorrow. Just think about it: A lot of the things we didn’t want to see then, is what we’ve come to value today. Expectations have shifted, and this means what we accepted as ‘the normal’ eight weeks ago is now valued less. 

But back to the opportunity. Just look at the abundance of opportunity and what can be done with your team to take that to the next level to surprise and deliver value in new ways.

…Everyone has realized how easy it is to communicate and collaborate if we are not in the same room. 

…Everyone has been surprised how far we can stretch ourselves, how quickly we can learn if we have to, and how quickly we can adapt. 

…Everyone has experienced the magic that can happen if we are constraint and rely on our creativity and drive to survive.

…Everyone has experienced that with joint efforts we can make a significant impact – whether that’s for the local economy (helping each other), or for the world at large (just think about the positive impact this crisis had on the climate/environment due to the fact we travel less).

So, what if we’d hold on to this and actively embrace this to inspire and motivate everyone in your software business to step up and contribute in new ways?

As has been proven time after time: in times of radical change, new leaders stand up. Leaders that show the way find renewed inspiration in the abundance of possibilities, learn fast, focus on the essence, and ship. The value they create is noticed, talked about, and momentum takes off. That leader could be you. It’s a choice.


Do you want to be surrounded by people that step up and make that difference? You’re invited to join the Remarkable Effect tribe for Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-mission. It’s designed for people like you – who are on a journey as well to do something significant and meaningful. You’ll be surrounded by peers and challenged to explore new paths, test your assumptions, and sharpen your thinking. Again, it’s a choice.