What’s the gift you’re bringing to your customers? 

What’s the gift you’re bringing to your customers? 

Isn’t this a great way to think about what you offer?

Isn’t this what business software is all about?

No matter which software company I work with, no matter which tech-entrepreneur I interview on my podcast – at the end, what creates the energy is ‘the gift’ – the positive change we will experience as a consequence of working with you.

The funny thing is: We often forget to talk about it.

And I started to wonder ‘why?’

Are we too shy?

Aren’t we sure about it?

Do we think it’s not appropriate?

Do we think ‘they’ll get it?’

Do we believe it’s something ‘Marketing came up with?’

My reflection on the topic is that often we haven’t done the work to get it crystal clear. And as a consequence, we’re ending up with superficial (overhyped) terms that we can’t proudly stand behind.

I’ve experienced over time while working with my customers is that the obvious answers aren’t available. To find the true gift, you have to dig deep.

Articulating who your ideal customer is (and who’s not)

Articulating what exactly keeps them up at night or could get them fired

Articulating which of those struggles is most valuable and critical to solve

Articulating where & how your product helps them to make a difference – and finally,

Articulating what they will become as a consequence of that.

It’s that final bit where your true gift is hidden.

In connecting all the dots, you’ll find the magic.

It will turn marketing BS into something everyone in your software business can proudly stand behind.

It will give them the ammunition to back it up.

It will provide them with the stories to bring ‘it’ alive.

That matters

…to position your solution in a clear and relevant way to the right people

…to shorten sales cycles, increase win-rates, and grow deal value

…to create momentum you’re proud of

So, what’s the gift you’re bringing to your customers?