When creating a sense urgency feels right and when it feels wrong…

When creating a sense urgency feels right and when it feels wrong…

I often get emails that rub me the wrong way in the way they aim to create a sense of urgency. I am not sure about you, but the typical ‘Your 40% discount offer ends tonight’ goes directly to the dust bin when I see it. I am the last one to say creating a sense of urgency is not what you should do.

Creating tension is critical to initiating action. Without tension, people don’t move, and businesses don’t make decisions.

However, research uncovered by Phrasee® (see 1st comment) shows this:

  • 👉 Going the negative way makes people feel angry (48%), inadequate (39%), sad (38%), or anxious (38%).
  • 👉 56% agree that brands using negative emotions are, in part, responsible for harming people’s mental health.
  • 👉 63% agree that brands using high-pressure selling tactics are responsible for getting people into financial difficulty.
  • 👉 27% agree that anxiety-inducing marketing has made them buy things they have later regretted.
  • 👉 All in all 76% agree that they are turned off by brands that use high-pressure selling tactics.

So the art is in doing it right. But what does ‘right’ really mean?

To me, these are situations where creating urgency feels very right:

  • When it’s about aspiration, i.e., bridging the gap to a far better situation
  • When it’s about creating exclusivity – the type of exclusivity that grows status, importance, belonging
  • When we’re using scarcity to guarantee high quality

In short – Creating a sense of urgency the right way is about the following words: Genuine value, trust, credibility. It’s about swapping pressure for positivity. That drives real action.

So, it’s all about making choices: You can create urgency in a cynical and negative way, using fear tactics to pressure people….or in a positive way by talking about the positive things you bring to market, with the ultimate goal of creating enduring relationships with your customers.

What do you opt for?