Why many B2B SaaS businesses waste time, energy and money on creating content

Last week I spoke with B2B SaaS Content expert Laura MacPherson and quickly, we concluded that it’s a waste to invest in content creation if the foundation isn’t solid.

What do I mean? To put it boldly: Without a solid foundation, your copy won’t deliver the quality leads you’re hoping for, nor will it help to increase sales or profit.

The opportunity is to recognize this. But that’s the challenge at the same time. Laura and I could name numerous examples where B2B SaaS companies make the common mistake of going all-in on content creation. They even hire dedicated people for it. They’re producing content like a machine, hitting all the channels, but results stay out.

The reaction: we increase the loading, i.e., throw more gasoline on a fire that’s barely burning. 

It is a sad waste of time, energy, and money for those companies themselves and their readers who experience noise.

For copy to work, three questions are critical:

  1. Who’s it ideally for?
  2. What’s the context?
  3. What’s it trying to do?

Answering these questions requires us to be crystal clear about segmentation, positioning, and value proposition.

Here’s why.

Without having clarity on question one, your content will be all over the place. And this is often where problems start. We believe we can please everyone. Not being clear will result in no one recognizing themselves in your copy.

That brings me to question two: Context. In B2B SaaS copy, context is about addressing the problem. The situations that frustrate your ideal customers, the commitments they made that they cannot deliver upon, and the expectations from the business that keep them up at night. Hitting the right nerve with your context will be super challenging without being crystal clear on who you’re for and who you are not for.

And then the last question: What is it trying to do? Here’s where positioning and your value proposition come in, i.e., your ability to create positive tension between what is today and what can be tomorrow. It’s about creating desire. This is where the action happens. Consequently – not having this foundational piece clear will give you a significant challenge to stand out – hence the effect of your copy will fall flat. 

So, what if we’d spend quality time getting the three fundamental elements of our business crystal clear. 

This would not only fix our content problem but in the slipstream also enable us to:

  • attract more of the right customers, 
  • shorten sales cycles, increase win rates and grow deal value
  • positively influence our pricing strategy, 
  • increase profit, 
  • optimize the impact of our product strategy, 
  • get more successful attracting the right investors, and even help 
  • becoming a magnet to the right talent.

Foundation first – Copy next.


Question for you to reflect upon: 

How satisfied are you with the quality of the inbound traffic you get around your SaaS solution? If not, you might have a foundational issue.


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