Working ON the business, instead of IN the business

Working ON the business, instead of IN the business

One challenge consistently shared with me by the tech-entrepreneurs I work with is this: their challenge to focus enough time working ON their business. Many feel trapped in the daily rut and putting out fires.

Another thing I consistently hear is their appreciation for the weekly 1-hour CEO Mastermind call. “This is my sacred hour in my schedule – the hour where I can reflect – take a distance – see the big picture – explore the edges of my business – where my blindspots are removed.”

Exactly those two stories inspired the recent change to the Tribe program. The big idea: Leverage the tribe program to make meaningful progress on your top priorities. How? By bringing your own Mini-Project.

Last week we kicked off the September Theme: “Remarkable Software companies aim to be different, not just better.” And the projects that got uploaded on our platform inspired:

  • “Grow our # of users from 2500 to 10000 before the end of the year”
  • “How to leverage the power of a community to accelerate growth”
  • “Clarity how to leverage Blockchain to unite the Gastro Supply Chain”
  • “Unleash the tiger – a coherent product strategy that maximizes our full potential”
  • “Clarity around the ideal path and structure of our business to realize our vision”
  • “A framework to get remarkable ROI from our Marketing”

And these were just a few of them.

Making an impact with the business begins with clarity on what success would look like. And then it’s about execution – and especially ….starting.

For many of us, there’s no map. The mission we’re on is unique – and as such, every step forwards is one of exploration, iteration, and avoiding the traps.

This is where the Tribe comes in. Like-minded peers that own the same responsibilities and face the same challenges. The beauty – they don’t run your business. And as such they see things you don’t see. They can challenge without the politics or being afraid to step on someone’s toes.

The power of generous feedback is therefore magical. This is where everyone levels up – and where meaningful progress is made.

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