Virtual Workstreams for SaaS companies that aspire faster growth

Establishes your value foundation so you'll stand out, shorten sales-cycles and win more of the right deals

Enough is Enough

You started with a big idea. You’ve found a product-market fit.
But you keep hitting roadblocks and it feels as though you’re not being seen, understood or heard.
Frustrating? I hear you.
My workstreams will help break this pattern.

The Value Foundation Workstream

A 12-week guided virtual program to establish the foundation to start thinking bigger about your SaaS business.

The program follows a weekly cadence: A prompt to crowd-source your answers from your team. A generous feedback round. And a virtual 1.5-hour workshop.

The deliverables – a detailed deck with:
1) Crystal clear segmentation and laser-sharp positioning,
2) A value proposition that stands out
3) An interactive sales pitch to drive the conversation
4) A messaging framework to steer campaigns and reposition your business
5) A solution vision map to drive alignment across marketing, development, and sales

Your investment: €10.000,-

Value Proposition

The Sales Transformation Workstream

A 9-week guided virtual program to transform you sales team from feature sellers to value communicators.

The program follows a weekly cadence: A prompt to challenge their thinking. A generous feedback round. And a virtual 1.5-hour workshop.

They’ll learn:
1) How to understand what really drives their ideal customers
2) How to get to the core of their problem
3) How to connect the big picture and create a sense of urgency
4) How to tune their work (pitch, demo, and final offer) for resonance
5) How to change perception and claim pole position in the right deals

Your investment: €10.000,-


Ready to start? Here's what happens next:

Step 1: Schedule a Value Exploration call

Find a 30-minute slot in my agenda that fits your agenda best. It's complementary and 100% focused on understanding the problem you aim to solve

Step 2: Identify the best solution together

We'll explore your challenges in fast-tracking the growth of your software business - and what success strategy would fit best to address them.

Step 3: Enjoy a flying start

Assuming I can help you - you'll receive a detailed offer. Once you sign the contract, I'll help you onboard your team so we can start with impact.