#233 - Yair Levy, CEO Brain.Space - on enabling global-scale innovation 

A story about striving to be on top - and never giving up on achieving the dream

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to provide researchers, medical practitioners, and software developers the underlying foundation to interpret, analyze and build brain activity products and services. My guest is Yair Levy, CEO of Brain.Space.

Yair Levy

Yair is a tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in the international business development of technology-oriented companies. His tenure at Mul-T-Lock, where he was responsible for the development and introduction of their ENTR product, provided him with experience in corporate management, upstream and downstream marketing, product management & innovation & execution. The product was revolutionary in its category.

In May 2018, he co-founded Brain.Space, a startup that’s literally opening the doors to the secrets of our brain. It’s on a mission to overcome humanity’s biggest health, societal and commercial challenges through Data-Driven Brain InsightsTM.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Yair to my podcast. We explore the opportunity to leverage brain insightsTM as a source of innovation. Yair explains his vision and defines the vision that has enabled them to achieve the unimaginable. He shares his big lessons learned in building his organization and what it took to establish a culture that’s about support, critical feedback, and working together to move mountains. Last but not least, he provides his advice on building a technology business that the world talks about.

Here’s a quote from him

“To analyze people, you need to have diversity, you need to have big data, you need to have a lot of people. I’m not talking about hundreds or 1000s, you need to have millions of samples in order to really understand what’s happening in the brain. Let me give you an example, of what happened in the heartrate industry, when in the past, you had to have a special tool to stick to the chest. And nowadays, you have a watch that is monitoring your wrist, and you have a heart rate analysis out of the cloud. So eventually, this is what we’re going to do in the brain.”

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. That achieving amazing achievements is about three things: Strong belief. Big Dream. And never look back.
  2. What is the secret sauce of creating a good entrepreneurial venture
  3. Where to find the best playground for your team of engineers to learn and what to aim for to achieve the goals
  4. How to create the balance in your team to keep thinking out of the box, stabilize thoughts and create successful innovation

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