“Yes, but your competitor does this as well…’

“Yes, but your competitor does this as well…’

Value PropositionIt’s a phrase that frustrates so many entrepreneurs in the B2B software space.  Your software solution is perceived the same as all the others.

All the sweat, blood, and tears you put in product development, marketing, and sales seems wasted – because the market simply doesn’t see what you see. Every sale feels like a battle.

I get the challenge. Your category is super crowded. Social media drives a lot of noise, and everyone seems to be hunting for the same customers – and many of them have marketing budgets that dwarf yours. So, where do you start?  

Just picture the brands you love yourself. What’s the feeling they give you? Why would you recommend them to your friends and peers? I guess you can quickly summarize this with a single word.

And that’s part of their secret. They own a specific simple idea – the essence of their value. Very often, it’s the transformative effect they enable. That’s what they market (instead of their product). 

As Tina Sharkey, co-founder and CEO of Brandless, wisely said: A brand is not what you say about yourself. It’s really what a friend tells a friend. 

If a friend (your customer) tells a friend (your prospect) about your product, they communicate the essence of the value you create for them that’s worth making a remark about. They communicate the big idea behind your company – the reason they’d buy it again.

So, start there. Brainstorm about what your customers will become as a consequence of your solution. Then narrow that list by what’s most valuable and critical to them and where you can exceed expectations. 

Suddenly you won’t hear the phrase ‘Yes, but your competitor does this as well…’ anymore