“You had me from the start”

“You had me from the start”

This was the instant remark from one to another participant in a Sales Pitch Battle I ran last Friday. It’s one of the biggest compliments you can get in sales. Here’s why.

When customers are actively searching for a solution to solve one of their problems, most of the time, they won’t invite you only. They perform their research, make a long list, and invite various software vendors to present their case. And as such, you’re not alone. You have to compete. And with that, the best position is ‘pole position.’

Claiming ‘Pole Position’ in the sales process has nothing to do with being the fastest. Instead, it’s about being the most relevant. Relevance is critical in sales. It’s why the discovery process is so crucial – understanding today’s situation, what’s changing within and outside their control, and what’s most challenging in the turmoil of that dynamic to live up to expectations.

And then, the process starts: Making decisions about where to focus and structuring your storyline in a way that captivates them…. right from the start. It’s an art – but a powerful art. The good thing is: Everyone can learn it.

  • It’s about doing your homework and having empathy for the customers’ situation.
  • It’s about having a concrete picture of the fundamental problems, which ones are most valuable and critical solving, and what emotions this sparks.
  • And last but not least it’s about telling a story.

Following these rules does magic.

Just imagine your next meeting with a prospect that could make Q3 your best quarter ever. Imagine their instant response would be: “You had me from the start!”